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  • Supplier: Floturn, Inc.

    Description: has many environmental benefits, and Floturn complements the anodizing process with a clean room where the parts are handled with the most delicate care. Technical Specifications Sulfuric Anodizing per: MIL-A-8625 Type II, Class 1 and 2 (Clear and Color) Aluminum alloy's capabilities: Almost any

    • Capabilities: Anodizing
    • Material: Aluminum, Metal, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Specialty / Other
    • Additional Services / Processes: Buffing / Polishing, New / OEM Parts, Scrub Tank / Immersion Washing
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Northeast US Only, Southern US Only, Midwest US Only, East Asia / Pacific Only

  • Supplier: Eco-Tec, Inc.

    Description: AnoPur™ is a version of Eco-Tec’s Acid Purification Systems specifically adapted for purification of sulphuric acid used in aluminum anodizing. Hundreds of AnoPur units are in operation in anodizing facilities around the world. The Anopur is used to continuously remove dissolved

  • Description: Interplex's computer-controlled anodizing system allows for rapid color matching in development and high quality consistent color repeatability in production. Interplex's state-of-the-art anodizing equipment can support the production of up to five colors at a time with an additional five colors

    • Capabilities: Anodizing, Chemical Finish / Conversion, Electropolishing, Hard Coat Anodizing, Passivation
    • Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Specialty / Other
    • Additional Services / Processes: Buffing / Polishing, Degreasing, New / OEM Parts, Pressure / Spray Washing, Stripping / Coating Removal, Ultrasonic Cleaning
    • Location: North America, Europe Only, South Asia Only

  • Supplier: Accord/PEC

    Description: . ANODIZING- Great Abrasion Resistant Coatings DRY FILM LUBRICANTS – Excellent release coatings. Very durable coatings. INDUSTRIAL COATINGS – DRY-FILM, Non-Stick, Corrosion Resistant.

    • Capabilities: Anodizing, Chemical Finish / Conversion, Electropolishing, Hard Coat Anodizing, Passivation
    • Material: Aluminum, Metal, Stainless Steel, Specialty / Other
    • Additional Services / Processes: Buffing / Polishing, Burn-off / Thermal Cleaning, Degreasing, Pressure / Spray Washing, Refinishing, Scrub Tank / Immersion Washing, Stripping / Coating Removal
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Midwest US Only

  • Description: At Aerospace Defense Coatings, we take your business seriously. With over 50 years in the metal finishing industry, we have the expertise you can depend on. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality metal finishing, testing, and painting available, at a competitive price. To serve

    • Capabilities: Anodizing, Chemical Finish / Conversion, Passivation
    • Material: Aluminum, Metal, Stainless Steel
    • Additional Services / Processes: Corrosion Inhibitors, New / OEM Parts, Scrub Tank / Immersion Washing, Stripping / Coating Removal
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Southern US Only

  • Description: METALAST provides aluminum anodizing chemicals to the metal finishing industry. Some of the different types of chemistry include nickel acetate seals, dyes used for anodizing, additive for hardcoat anodizing, and other specialty chemicals. METALAST is proud to certify that all product RoHS

    • Services Offered: Environmental Testing and Analysis Services, Environmental Exposure Testing, Field Sampling, Monitoring Programs (Audits / Surveillance)
    • Test / Certify To: MIL-SPEC, RoHS, Other
    • Materials: Adhesives / Sealants, Chemicals, Coatings, Inorganics
    • Test Methods: Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AA), Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR, etc.), Mass Spectroscopy (RGA, etc.), Microscopy / Metallography, Scanning Electron Microscopy, UV / Vis Spectroscopy, Wet Chemical Analysis

  • Description: POWDERCOATING AND ANODIZING SERVICES We provide many different aluminum anodizing and special finishes. These processes enhance conductivity, aid in corrosion resistance, and are, of course, visually appealing. If the finish you need isn't listed here, ask a sales representative. We can probably

    • Materials: Aluminum
    • Coating Process: Chemical Finish / Conversion, Painting, Powder Coating, Screen Printing / Selective Coating
    • Functional / Performance: Conductive, Corrosion / Rust Preventive
    • Finishing / Surface Treatment: Mass Finishing (Tumbling / Vibratory)

  • Description: Unique Aluminum Extrusion LLC, an integrated aluminum mill and fabricator, has the extensive facilities to fill your requirements for your extruded aluminum tubing, rod, bar and hollow bar needs. In addition we offer extruded pipe, rod, bar, hollow shapes. Fabricating facilities can perform many

    • Secondary Operations: Anodizing, Bending/Forming, Drilling/Punching, Grinding, Heat Treating / Stress Relieving, Machining, Painting / Powder Coating, Welding, Other
    • Services: Design Assistance / Review, Tool Making, Prototype / Short Run, High Volume Production, Assembly Services, Specialty Packaging
    • Materials: Series 1xxx, Series 3xxx, Series 6xxx
    • Processes: Hot Extrusion

  • Description: Tons Up to 6" Diameter Up to 30" in Length Strokes from 5" to 30" Speeds from 13 SPM to 65 SPM Material Capabilities Aluminum Extrusion Copper Impact Extrusion Multiple Steel Alloys Brass Impact Extrusion Complete in house heat treating, cleaning and lubrication capabilities for impact

    • Secondary Operations: Anodizing, Grinding, Heat Treating / Stress Relieving, Machining, Welding
    • Services: Prototype / Short Run, High Volume Production, Assembly Services
    • Processes: Impact Extrusion
    • Applications: Custom Profiles / Cross Sections, Heat Sinks

  • Description: No Description Provided

    • Materials: Aluminum
    • Secondary Operations: Anodizing, Black Oxide, Electroplating, Heat Treating / Stress Relieving, Lapping / Polishing, Painting / Powder Coating, Welding
    • Capabilities: Drilling, Milling, Turning, Broaching, Etching / Chemical Milling, Honing, Screw Machining
    • Number of Axes: 3-axis Machining

  • Supplier: Tanfel

    Description: Tanfel offers a full solution for your custom fabricated metal product needs. A variety of materials and finishes are available along with tool fabrication, design support and a variety of other value added services. Stamping Materials: Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Nickel / Nickel alloy, Steel Tool

    • Additional Manufacturing Capabilities: Anodizing, Black Oxide, Coiling / Spring Making, Drilling / Tapping, EDM Cutting, Electroplating, Grinding, Heat Treating / Stress Relieving, Painting / Powder Coating, Tool Making, CNC Machining, Water / Abrasive Jet Cutting, Welding
    • Stamping Capabilities: Deep Drawing, Blanking / Piercing, Fine Blanking, Progressive Dies
    • Materials: Ferrous Metals, Nonferrous Metals
    • Services Offered: Engineering / Design Assistance, Prototype / Short Run, High Volume Production

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  • Phosphoric Acid Anodizing
    interface exhibits environmental stability in service over time. This process has. proven superior to any other existing processes in providing environmentally stable. aluminum surfaces for adhesive bonding. Phosphoric acid anodizing is now commonly used to prepare adhesively joined. aluminum structures
  • Taking Aluminum Extrusions to the Next Level
    costs by reducing materials and. issue. Two commonly used techniques. information on insulation and aluminum. labor needed to produce the product. greatly reduce heat conduction. Bending should be carried out before. With fill and debridge, the extru-. sion is extruded in one piece and a. anodizing
  • Magnaplate's Steel-Hard Coating On Aluminum Dies Improves Quality And Productivity For Custom Extruder
    this in a proprietary multi-step process which combines the advantages of anodizing or hardcoat plating with controlled infusion of low- friction proprietary engineering polymers and/or dry lubricants. By combining the hardness of aluminum oxide ceramic with the proprietary polymers, the TUFRAM "synergistic
  • Medical Device Link .
    Inspection Process Enhances Machining Services With the aid of CNC equipment, a company provides machining services to OEMs with capabilities complemented by 3-D CAD software. Milling, turning, electrical-discharge machining, grinding, gun drilling, heat-treating, blasting, anodizing
  • Medical Device Link .
    versus distance between the legs, is achievable as deep as 40:1. Using a variety of strong alloys such as the company�s 7000 series, a range of finishes, from anodizing and powder coating to electrophoresis, can be added. Wire- and tube-processing units cut tubing of up to 11�8-in. outer
  • Medical Device Link .
    of Colors. An anodizing process for aluminum parts provides tolerances as fine as 0.5 mil. The service enables products to withstand heat, light, and oxidation from sterilization systems while retaining their color. Samples processed through 10 cycles using the Sterrad 100S sterilization system
  • Medical Device Link .
    . This improves the feel of the device and also facilitates assembly, particularly in automatic systems. Micro Care Corp., Southern Pines, NC. Anodizing services. A surface treatment has been developed for aluminum. The Ano-Med finish has been engineered to have small
  • Medical Device Link .
    can be produced through a hard-coat anodizing process. This is the safest nonburning process for hard coating aluminum. It is recommended for virtually all aluminum alloys. However, because each aluminum alloy has a different rate of penetration and buildup, the anodizer must know which alloys