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  • Motor Actuated Valve Application Guide Ball Valves
    actuators. On sizes 2-1/2 "and up, butterfly valves should also be examined for cost effectiveness. Standard aluminum bronze valves are used for saturated steam applications <10 PSIG. For steam >10 PSIG, but <30 PSIG, butterfly valves should be equipped with Viton seats to handle the elevated steam
  • Choosing the Right Bearing Shaft Material
    Reducing costs is an important factor for many companies. The ability to use low-cost shafting heavily depends on the bearings chosen to run on it. For example, ball bearings require very hard (60HRC or above) and smooth (under 4rms) shafting. Bronze bearings are similar: the shafting must
  • Medical Device Link .
    A dc motor offers a service life of 3000 hours continuous duty (sintered bronze bearing version) and produces low noise. The 42-mm-diam unit is rated at a maximum 50-W usable power (at 2000 rpm). It also meets current EMC standards and will meet EN 55011 with the addition of an interference
  • Quick-Action Couplers
    is permissible. They are suitable for vacuums down to 10 >= torr. On pump supply lines, a size should be selected that will not produce about 1.5-psi pressure drop at required flow. A wide variety of seals and materials are available for these couplers: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum
  • Permold Casting Tutorial (.pdf)
    with increasing surface area. aluminum everywhere else. The Front End. were using stone molds to mass produce. Cap casting (shown beside the golf ball) is. utensils and weapons in bronze. typically 2° draft on all surfaces. cast with four threaded brass bushings in. perpendicular to parting plane. place
  • Medical Device Link .
    connectors. The tools can be used with aluminum, copper, presintered tungsten carbide, and alloys such as silicon-aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, lead, and manganese. In addition to nonferrous metal workpieces, the tools can be used with carbon, ceramics, fiberglass composites, graphite, and plastics
  • Mechanical Motion Keeps Pace
    survey, for linear motion applications just over a quarter of our audience favors ball screws and lead screws with slides and guides, and following closely behind (at less than 24%) are pneumatic actuators. Almost 18% use primarily direct linear motors/drives. ADVERTISEMENT. Significant challenges
  • Medical Device Link . Advances in Motor Technology for the Medical Industry
    . Compared with popular sintered bronze bearings and expensive stainless-steel ball bearings, sintered ceramic bearings provide up to 50% more load-bearing capability in precision gearing systems, yet add only pennies to the unit cost of a gearhead. Undoubtedly, these types of bearing systems

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