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  • Solving the Problems Inherent to Torch Brazing Aluminum (.pdf)
    . While this is accomplished in controlled-. 1100. 1190. 1215. atmosphere brazing (CAB) processes with. Processing Window. 3003. 1190. 1210. a recirculating flux spray system and clad. with 78Zn 22Al. 6061. 1100. 1205. base metals, this option is not practical for. 6063. 1140. 1205. many flame
  • Aluminum Corrosion Resistance for Cold Plates and Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers
    Resistance. Alloy selection is a key factor in high corrosion resistance. For example, braze sheets, which separate the fluid passages in plate-fin heat exchangers, consist of an internal core and external clad layer that usually represents about 10% of the overall sheet thickness. The clad layer
  • Tumbling to the Finish
    Plastonicsâ unique powder coating process keeps costs down The Flow-Clad system of coating smaller parts at higher production rates uses a tumbling method not usually found in many custom coaters. â I just donâ t think too many people even know that this process exists,â says president Bob Zimmerli
  • Explosive Cladding: Applications for Manufacturing (.pdf)
      & alloys. Ti/steel. Ni‐based super alloys. Brass/Al. Molybdenum. Slide 4 of 13. Unclassified: Distribution D. Clad-ability of Materials. Elastic Modulus. Hardness. Elongation. Speed of Sound. Ductility. Formability. Density. Modulus. Yield. Poisson’s. Hardness. Elongation. Speed of. (g/cc). (GPa). (MPa
  • Medical Device Link .
    together, a circular ball is formed that is typically larger in diameter than the parent wires. Wire joining can also be very difficult to fixture properly. Missed welds result in the melting back of each wire into individual balls. Lasers can also be used to prepare surfaces for bonding or to clad thin
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) Presentation
    . features ±.015”. CIP - Typical Materials. Titanium alloys. Tool steels. Cutting tools. Stainless steels. Porous filters. Refractory metals. Composite materials. Macro composites (Ti/W warheads). Micro composites (Ti/TiB2, Ti/TiC). HIP Clad Composites. Powder/powder, powder/solid, solid/solid. Perfect
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing: Today and Tomorrow (.pdf)
    to process a large number of. parts of varying shapes and sizes in. a single cycle. • Exceptional dimensional stability and. grindability. Figure 9. 12% Cr steam. Figure 10. Fully densified. • Compound or clad products with. turbine chested near net. cemented carbide rolls. shape formed by PM-HIP
  • What is ATA-300 (Category I) for Shipping Cases and Containers
    dimensional sheet is stronger and lighter weight than laminated plywood or extruded polyethylene sheets. Read more on the Wilson LT. We also offer ABS-clad #1 grade birch plywood as well aluminum skinned plywood. These options include a protective covering; .040 " high impact industrial grade

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