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  • Description: Produced for use with Rotary Table or individual machines, with or without power unit. Both styles use aluminum bronze vertical way bars. Linear ball bearings and 2.00" dia. induction hardened chrome plated way bars used for horizontal travel. Use of hydraulic cylinders for vertical &

  • Supplier: Ambrell

    Description: We have partnered with ITC of Adelanto CA to provide you with the most efficient and effective induction melting equipment and systems for your process. Our free 12-page brochure describes our broad range of systems, each capable of meeting your needs to: melt gold, silver, steel, aluminum, copper

  • Description: , and government standards. Typical Heat Processing Application(s) Annealing Machined Components Welded or Formed Assemblies Stress Relieving Industry Applications Aerospace Agriculture Aluminum Casting Automotive Forging Foundry Military Mining Recreational Vehicles Temperature

    • Configuration: Top Loading, Other
    • Atmosphere: Air / Oxidizing, Inert
    • Controller Type: Programmable
    • Heat Source / Transfer: Combustion, Electric / Resistance, Natural Gas, Propane, Oil, Other Fuel

  • Description: In developing state-of-the-art equipment, engineers have used ceramic components with increased frequency. As a result, the material´s advantages and qualities are exploited to the maximum, yielding optimized results. Tool and machine components have long

    • Aluminum Oxide / Aluminate Type: Alumina / Aluminum Oxide
    • Shape / Form: Fabricated / Custom Shape, Plate / Board (e.g., Fiberboard), Rod Stock, Foundry / Plunger Tools (Stirrer, Stopper, etc.) , Spout /  Nozzle (Launder Pouring / Atomization), Tube Stock, Liner - Modular / Sectional
    • Thermal Conductivity: 25 W/m-K
    • Electrical Resistivity: 1.00E15 ohm-cm

  • Description: the 704 permits longer periods between greasing, there is no need to expose your workers to equipment operating at high temperatures. The refillable, transparent reservoir permits a visual inspection of grease level from a safe distance. This feature is especially important in high temperature

    • Capacity: 0.0312 gallons
    • Lubrication Media: Grease
    • Operation: Mechanical
    • Reusable or Single Use?: Reusable

  • Description: facility contains processing equipment capable of volume manufacturing yet flexible enough to accommodate wafer sizes from 50mm to 200mm. We offer full Device Fabrication and Design services along with a variety of individual processes to support our growing network of satisfied customers.

    • Thin Film Processes: Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), Plasma Etching / Cleaning, Titanium Nitride Coating
    • Hard Coating / Treatment: Yes
    • Material Selection / Design Assistance: Yes
    • Research & Development: Yes

  • Supplier: Deca Vibrator

    Description: DOV-AL Series Pneumatic Linear Vibrators with External Piston are similar to the Standard DOV design but have anodised aluminum housings which can be operated on greatly reduced lubrication and in some cases can be lubrication free. Linear vibrating force is delivered by a noiseless air cushioned

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  • Treatment of Aluminum for Improved Foundry Products
    This article presents the various problems and concerns of the aluminum foundry industry and discusses methods of using fluxes to improve process efficiency and overall product quality.
  • Case Study:Foundry Saves $10,000 per Year by Producing it's Own Nitrogen
    Aluminum Foundries, Inc. saves $10,000 per year by using a nitrogen gas generator that eliminates the need to purchase nitrogen dewars. The company has also eliminated demurrage costs, labor required to change dewars and scrap caused by running out of compressed nitrogen.
  • Foundry Amine Scrubbing (.pdf)
    The emissions from foundry core boxes are highly odorous and include particulate in the form of sand. A major automotive supplier producing aluminum engine castings solved their core box emissions problem using a Verantis fiberglass SPT-72-120 countercurrent scrubber with inlet drop-out box.
  • The Foundry Sector - A Red-Hot Key Industry
    With 87,000 employees and sales of around €14 billion in 2007, the foundry sector is one of German industry's smaller branches. Its economic significance is large, however, because hardly any other industry can function without cast parts of steel, aluminum or copper and copper alloys. Germany
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Foundry Sand Cleaning
    Established in 1972, Saudi Cast is a modern ferrous and non-ferrous foundry located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Production capacity is 800 tons per month of gray, ductile, bronze, and aluminum castings. So when they were looking for a solution to clean up the piles of green foundry sand that has
  • ARMEX (R) Blast Media and the ACCUSTRIP SYSTEM (R) Reduce Man-Hours by 93%
    A primary producer of aluminum billet, foundry and ingot in New Madrid, Missouri was in need of a new cleaning process. One type of ingot is T-shaped and is cast with aluminum T-shaped molds. These aluminum molds are coated before each cast with a graphite lubricant to prevent dragging or sticking
  • MICRO: Industry News: 'Round the Circuit (Feb 2000)
    of the dual-damascene process is 1.6 times lower than aluminum or tungsten metallization, according to TSMC. Additional benefits include higher electromigration reliability of and via series resistance fives times lower than that of tungsten plug vias, the company says. Because the two-layer capability
  • MICRO:Industry News:Breakout (April '99)
    . Chartered and Lucent Technologies will collaborate on developing a common manufacturing process platform using advanced low-k dielectric aluminum and copper interconnects. The research will focus on processes for CMOS devices with geometries of 0.18 and 0.16 um. Engineers from Lucent and Chartered

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