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  • Grease be gone
    /alloy bushings let telescopic coil grabs from Avon Engineering Ltd., Waterdown, Ont., operate lube-free in a harsh environment. The coil grabs transport hot steel coils from the mill to a quenching pond at California Steel Industries, Fontana. Avon engineers typically spec aluminum bronze or 660
  • Chemical Applications: Colloid Mill Application Card - Greases, Bentone Clays
    Sonic's RotoMill Colloid Mills have been used extensively in the manufacture of greases and bentonite clays. Grease consists of a thickening agent, such as alkali soaps, polymers, silicas, clays, or aluminum complexes, dispersed throughout a lubricating oil, either synthetic or petroleum based
  • A cleaner path to cool chips
    converters and other power-module components. Outdoor telephone equipment housings use PCMs to control thermal loads from solar heating and daytime peak usage. Aluminum foilbacked phase change pads preapplied to laptop cooling modules. The metal foil allows easy heat sink removal for PCB access. Solid PCM
  • Computer Power User Article - No Fans Necessary
    . Thermal conductivity is the key characteristic that makes grease effective. Certain elements simply have better heat-transfer capabilities than others, and aluminum, gold, silver, and copper all have good conductivity. Aluminum is the least useful of these four elements, and silver tops the list by edging
  • Advanced Boron Nitride Epoxy Formulations Excel in Thermal Management Applications (.pdf)
    the adhesive to be both electrically conductive and thermally conductive. For potting applications, heat sinking, and general encapsulation where high electrical isolation is required, aluminum oxide has been the filler of choice. Today, advanced Boron Nitride filled epoxies challenge alternative
  • ARMEX Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems Helps Boat Owners Renew Instead of Buy New
    corrosion from aluminum, chrome, brass, and bronze fittings; and removing stains from teak trim and fiberglass.
  • The ARMEX/ACCUSTRIP Process and the Food Processing Industry: a Perfect Match
    , the ARMEX/ACCUSTRIP process has replaced all of the labor-intensive acid-based compounds previously used on hard-to-clean areas. Allen's sanitation crew has used ARMEX Blast Media to remove oil, grease, and process residue from aluminum chillers, eviscerating machines, stainless steel shackles, black
  • Computer Power User Article - Chill Chat
    material (copper is popular, and aluminum works, too) is mounted flush to the heat source. In order to maintain the small size constraints on today's modern machines, fins or pins are added to the material. The math is complex, and I won't get into it here (I could --those degrees in engineering have

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