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  • Don't Rule Out Plasma for Cutting Aluminum
    Products, Florence, S.C. Cutting aluminum with air produces a rough edge coated with aluminum oxide. Different gases—usually an argon/helium mix—make more sense for aluminum. "With the proper selection of gases, you can get a very nice edge on aluminum with plasma," Fernicola said. Aaron Brandt
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    , and sintering, which yields high dimensional accuracy without the need for secondary operations. Suitable for projects where alternative fabrication methods may not be feasible or cost-effective, CIM enables the manufacture of small, intricately shaped components using such materials as aluminum oxide
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    papers (designated A through L) were supplied as 35-cm-wide rolls, and 12-cm-diam circular samples were cut from random locations along each roll. The weight of the 12 papers ranged from 45 to 100 g m-2 and their air permeability extended from 46 to 650 Bendtsen. Prior to barrier testing, the paper
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    at a 100-kHz repetition rate and the beam can be delivered through a galvanometer-based system. The roll- to-roll system enables beam rastering at high speeds over a 12-in. scanfield with a <40- um spot on target. Indium tin oxide, metal films, and other films can be removed to create simple
  • Selected Properties of Commercially Available Technical Ceramics
    at greater. than 95% of theoretical density except as noted. TABLE I – THEORETICAL DENSITY (except as noted). MATERIALS. DENSITY (grams/cc). 1020 Steel (for reference). 7.80. Zirconia (YTZP). 6.10. Alumina. 3.98. Aluminum Nitride. 3.26. Silicon Carbide. 3.21. Silicon Nitride. 3.18. Beryllium Oxide. 3.01
  • Thermal Millboard - 1401-Millboard
    on Ignition, % (at 538oC). ASTM F 495. Chemical Analysis. Silicone Oxide, % by weight. 51.25. Aluminum Oxide, % by weight. 43.50. Other Oxides, % by weight. 5.25. Remarks and Related Documents: Specification values determined by the test methods required for ASTM F-104, Type 7 materials. EnCore
  • Passivation and the Passive Layer
    electropolishing. This abrasive material can consist of up to 15% iron oxide, and might be more appropriately termed “rouge pending” or. “rouge initiator”. Another favorite mechanical finishing abrasive is corundum or aluminum oxide. Because it is so hard,. these materials get embedded in the stock surface
  • Structural Applications
    well-known oxide ceramic materials. CeramTec has developed a wide range of low-density and lightweight materials with a variety of property combinations. The CeramTec alumina ceramic B601 has proven itself in the forming process. Worth knowing: Aluminum Oxide B601 in the Forming Process. Al2O3 B601

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