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  • Aluminum
    is produced and documented properly. Contact AM&F at (973)276-5000 or email at for the latest metallurgical information, project assistance or competitive pricing on your specialty aluminum alloy. Top. Aluminum Bars. Aluminum bars can be used as starting stock when designing
  • Smart ways to design with Aluminum Extrusions
    Incomplete knowledge about suitable alloys can trip up designers shaping parts. Unlike steel and titanium structures that are often limited to standard profiles, aluminum is easily extruded into complex shapes. The ability to tailor shapes for each application also helps consolidate parts
  • Case Study: Century Aluminum Saves Thousands with Upgrade to Dialight Vigilant TM Series LED Obstruction Lights
    to Dialight Vigilant™ Series LED Obstruction Lights. Global - English Web Site Stock Check. Share | | Case Study: Century Aluminum Saves Thousands with Upgrade to Dialight Vigilant™ Series LED Obstruction Lights06-Apr-2011. Century Aluminum Saves Thousands on Annual Maintenance
  • Aluminum Bronze fastener used in electronic application. The part needed to meet semiconductor cleanliness specifications.
    or significant alteration of thread characteristics. ./f2e90305-d169-4bab-b69a-4fe4a90991da #1074 — Brite Ultracleaning. Industry: Electronic/communication - Fastener manufacturer. Mfg/Method: Machining. Alloy: Aluminum: - AM388 Aluminum Bronze. ProbleM: This part was fabricated out of an unusual
  • Fixed Abrasives Take Lapping Into Another Dimension
    Traditionally, the grinding. process known as. lapping has been. employed in stock removal of. metal and ceramic workpieces. to achieve a desired concentricity. or "fl atness." Flat. lapping typically involves. a slurry of loose aluminum. oxide, silicon carbide or other. abrasive grains fl owed
  • Medical Device Link .
    aluminum bar stock. A hole is drilled all the way through the instrument 's centerline and then a number of different bore diameters are produced in this hole. Other features are also machined on the shaver 's centerline and along the length perpendicular to the lengthwise hole. Next, another throughhole
  • Deburring/Finishing Tool Improves Quality, Cuts Cost for Pump Manufacturer (.pdf)
    cycling sleeve. Model M pumps. power output is nominally 1/3 hp. The sleeve must meet the company’s. specification of 16 micro-finish. To produce the sleeve, which is about 2- inches long, Haskel machines the. part from 13/16- inch diameter aluminum bar stock. After machining, the. sleeve is put
  • Kent, Washington Waterjet Shop Specializes in Tight Tolerance Waterjet Cutting
    systems to cut numerous materials, including epoxy resin, fiberglass, acrylic with foreign materials imbedded into it, 8 " thick titanium, glass, aluminum, stainless steel, phenolic, shim stock and up to 12-inch thick mild steel. Some of its more challenging projects include cutting 9-inch-thick

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