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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ALF4842 Global Industrial STC INTERNATIONAL Not Provided Supertest Rack & Sport ™ 4' X 3-1/2' Aluminum Trailer With Bed
AL6096 Global Industrial STC INTERNATIONAL Not Provided Supertest Alumadump ™ 5' X 8' Aluminum Trailer Kit Frame
6134T Global Industrial Tradesmen Truck Accessories Not Provided 21" Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box - Bright 6134t
416000 Global Industrial Delta Inc Of Arkansas Not Provided Delta Pro ™ Aluminum Trailer Tongue Box - 48"L Bright
1701380 Global Industrial Buyers Products Co. Not Provided Buyers Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box 34"W
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  • Aluminum lock rod used for tractor trailers
    The customer needed these lock rods to. be bright and shiny, in order to match chrome on tractor. trailers. The customer was mechanically polishing the. aluminum rods to remove weld discoloration and provide. a bright surface. This process was dirty and time consuming, causing employees
  • Don't Rule Out Plasma for Cutting Aluminum
    with straight air—which is very common—yields great results," Julian said. "For people cutting aluminum plate, such as for military vehicles or trailers or railcars, it is a well-accepted practice.". With the proper selection of gases, fabricators can produce a smooth cut edge on aluminum. Photo courtesy
  • Truck Equipment Service Company counts on Vibra-Might Vibrators
    like the. the receiving methods of the facility or elevator at the delivery. Cornhusker 800, a Truck Equipment Service Company exclusive. destination. The same grain product can react different ways,. trailer design, boasts lightweight aluminum construction that keeps. depending on these factors
  • For Quick Production Changeover Innovative Fastener Thread Offers Nuts, Taps, and Wire Inserts
    . chose Spiralock taps for the aluminum. split axle housing used on a brand name ATV. Spiralock’s thread form works especially well in soft. Hamilton Sundstrand tested and adopted an alternative. metals and materials prone to stripping, such as alumi-. thread form from Spiralock on their generators
  • Strong epoxy bonds without a hitch
    or aluminum skin. To build the trailer exterior, technicians first abraded the substrates to improve adhesion, then used pneumatic dispensing guns outfitted with disposable static mixing nozzles to lay down an epoxy bead. The Araldite has an
  • Cable Reels
    MetalSteel Panels Metal Fabrication Cable ReelsGas CylindersMachining PalletsRolls of Aluminum TubingRolls of BandingSheet MetalSteel Core ShaftsSteel PanelsTruck Engine FlywheelWheel Molds Metal Production DifferentialExhaust AssemblyFoundry ShroudsIngotInvestment Casting MoldsMoldsSupport Plate
  • Applying Infrared Imaging Techniques to Marine Surveying ... continued
    environment and the aluminum boat hull underwent thermal cycling from solar insolation.
  • Give glue a go
    , and corrosion, explains Scelzi Shop Foreman Jose Villa. The switch to Lord Engineered Adhesives not only seals the cabs from the environment, it cut 3 hr from the prep and painting process, improved truck appearance by eliminating weld marks, and did away with 100 rivets attaching aluminum diamond plate

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  • Bookshelf and Unified Agenda > Independent Agencies / Commissions > Nuclear Regulatory Commission > NUREG Series Publications > NUREG-1640 - Radiological Asses...
    The dimensions of the trailer are based on a Montone aluminum trailer that is 24 ft long and 8 ft wide (7.3 × 2.4 m).
  • Deloupe to offer East aluminium trailers
    Deloupe to offer East aluminium trailers . </div> </li> <li class="search-result"> <a target="_blank" class="search-result-title" href="" onClick="s_objectID='goldfire-results:3';,'o','Goldfire results')">REVOLUTIONARY FLATDECK</a> <div class="snippet"> ...boxes usually carry.<br /> <br /> Four years in development, it's said to be 1500 lb lighter then the company's standard trailer and, at just 6950 lb, Alutrec says it's 2500 lb less than the average aluminum trailer in its category. </div> </li> <li class="search-result"> <a target="_blank" class="search-result-title" href="" onClick="s_objectID='goldfire-results:4';,'o','Goldfire results')"></a> <div class="snippet"> (B) Aluminum Trailers for Trucks . </div> </li> <li class="search-result lock"> <a target="_blank" class="search-result-title" href="" onClick="s_objectID='goldfire-results:5';,'o','Goldfire results')">Development of a Multi-Product Aluminum Trailer Hitch Assembly</a> <div class="snippet"> Development of a Multi-Product Aluminum Trailer Hitch Assembly . </div> </li> <li class="search-result"> <a target="_blank" class="search-result-title" href="" onClick="s_objectID='goldfire-results:6';,'o','Goldfire results')">Ravens to dump steel trailer lines</a> <div class="snippet"> "Ravens builds one of the best aluminum trailers -- flat or dump -- on the market today," said Fontaine Trailer president Jim Wilfore. " . </div> </li> <li class="search-result"> <a target="_blank" class="search-result-title" href="" onClick="s_objectID='goldfire-results:7';,'o','Goldfire results')">ALUMINUM FLATDECK</a> <div class="snippet"> <a href="/search.cfm?searchtype=basic&pageaction=showresults&searchdata=aluminum+trailer"> aluminum trailer </a> . </div> </li> <li class="search-result"> <a target="_blank" class="search-result-title" href="" onClick="s_objectID='goldfire-results:8';,'o','Goldfire results')">AGGREGATE TRAILER</a> <div class="snippet"> Today's Trucking Learn more about IHS Goldfire