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  • Advantages of Constant Current Density Control Over Constant Voltage Control in Aluminum Anodizing
    of the aluminum alloy cathodes in. the anodizing solution. This assumption will substantially simplify the discussion in. mathematical expressions but has no effect on drawing general conclusions given later,. because the difference in the natural potentials between different cathodes in an identical
  • A Probabilistic Approach to Modeling Microstructural Variability and Fatigue Behavior in ASTM F562 Medical Grade Wire (.pdf)
    . contrast to the sharp cubic structure associated with. the medical device field, particularly for use in. TiN. implantable lead design. The equiaxed structure. was selected in order to study the expected growth. and arrest of short fatigue cracks at grain. boundaries. Cold drawing ASTM F562 wire
  • Structural Applications
     ZN40 advanced ceramics. Extraordinary fracture toughness. High wear resistance. High corrosion resistance. Low thermal conductivity. A coefficient of expansion similar to steel. Ideally suited for copper and aluminum wire drawing. SEM image of alumina B601. Alumina (Al2O3) is one of the most
  • Optimization of Melt Chemistry and Properties of Drawn Filled Tube
    for the. addition, their presence causes surface defects on the. metallurgist are familiar: increasing strength, maintaining. wire since large nitrides damage the die during the. ductility and increasing fatigue life. The guiding. drawing process, greatly reducing yield. paradigm: An improved process was developed
  • Successful Automation Isn't Automatic
    like. This calls for researching drawings related to factory layout and building foundation. This will help determine where the machine can be placed. Once those areas have been determined, it 's time to look at machine drawings and installation plans. After you 're done cutting, the parts have to go
  • Medical Device Link .
    in. The company can produce wires of any length, with diameters of 0.001 in. to 0.100 in. "We also can reduce solid wire points to submicron sharpness," O'Brien explains. Electrochemical machining is thus used to sharpen coils and electrodes like those used in fetal scalp monitoring and cardiac rhythm
  • Cold-Forming Versus Machining
    technologies achieving fast and efficient manufacturing. Standard and special threaded fasteners, and custom shapes previously only machined, are now being produced by cold forming. Cold forming is more commonly known as cold heading. As was the case in the first machines developed, a slug of wire
    Field busses are industrial control systems using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to control and manage field. devices found in industrial environments. The communication medium can be any combination of copper wire,. fiber optics or wireless. Over time, many field bus systems have been

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