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ISO 8756:1994   International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standards and Technical Documents are applicable to air quality measurement methods and apply to measurements made in ambient and workplace atmospheres and to the measurement of stationary source emissions.
714   Erlab Inc. Clean Benches that provides filtration efficiency of 99.995 % for particles larger than 0.1 micron (MPPS method of the EN 1822-1 standard). Adding a carbon filter upstream the fan module protects the enclosure volume of gaseous pollutants present in ambient air. The ultra-clean air entering the cabinet is quality...

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  • Into Thin Air
    of an impending prohibition against the widely used methyl bromide and new, more stringent ambient air quality standards currently being implemented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), growers are under pressure to reduce their pesticide emissions. These emissions --made up in part
  • Air Quality - A Closer Look at Museums
    Fume Extractors. Mobile Fume Extractors. Exhaust Blowers/Extractor Arms. Fume Extraction Arms. Ambient Air Purifiers. Cabinet Ventilators. Room Air Purifiers Home/Office/Lab. Industries. Client List. About Us. Contact Us. Case Studies. Technical. FAQ. News. Video. Home > Air Quality – A Closer Look
  • Thermography Standards
    circuits due to internal winding failure, and open supply circuits. When inspecting capacitors, be sure to: 1. Visually inspect capacitor bodies. Capacitors should not be misshapen/ swollen. 2. Thermographically inspect capacitor bodies. Capacitors should be warmer than ambient air temperature and exhibit
  • Motor Design, Quality and Performance are Critical to Reliable Operation of Fans & Blowers (.pdf)
    . voltages without overheating or reducing reliability. The out-. high efficiency, 100% speed controllable. standing advantage of ebm/Papst motors, when speed con-. trolled, is their STABILITY which permits proper balance be-. tween air flow and noise. HIGH QUALITY, SPACE-SAVING. It is possible to make
  • Hybrid Refrigerated/Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers
    of meeting air quality needs for most of the year - and with much lower operating and maintenance costs. It is possible to install separate refrigerated and desiccant dryers in series for these applications. Better still are combination or "hybrid" dryer systems that combine dryer technologies
  • Oil-Free Air Ensures Reliability & Productivity
    reduces the. Pharmaceutical Oil-Free. amount of Volatile Organic Compounds. Oil-free and dry compressed air is used Applications. (VOC’s) emitted into the ambient air. to blow paint onto automotive surfaces. The CDA “Clean-Dry-AirStandard. by the automotive manufacturing and. and to agitate
  • Measurement and Control of Compressed Air Systems (.pdf)
    of. ambient air does not compromise the measurement. Filtration is also normally recommended for compressed air applications. Kahn. offers a standard filter unit that provides particulate protection to 0.3 micron with an efficiency of 99.5%. Ready-made sampling. systems are also available on request. Which
  • The Preparation of Calibration Standards for Volatile Organic Compounds - A Question of Traceability (.pdf)
    interest for decades, par-. This month’s “Sample Preparation Per-. ticularly for monitoring air emissions,. spectives” will examine the issue of generat-. ambient air, and indoor air contamination. ing standard mixtures of VOCs for GC. in the workplace. The combination of new. analysis, particularly

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