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  • American Petroleum Institute: Anything but Standard
    The oil and gas industry's most valuable resource.
  • Flow Research Magazine Special Report: Multi-Variable Vortex Flow Meters (.pdf)
    In a "Worldflow Special Report," Flow Research magazine discusses Nice Instrumentation's new line of multi-variable vortex flow meters. This article also notes how a recent American Petroleum Institute draft standard may spur growth in the vortex flow meter market. Market Barometer Q2 2007.pdf
  • Improving Tank Temperature Measurement to Optimize Inventory Control and Custody Transfer Systems
    inserted into the tanks was sufficient for monitoring the temperature of the tank. Now, that method is decidedly not sufficient according to new standards from the American Petroleum Institute. Microsoft Word - WI-42-04.doc Improving Temperature Measurement to Optimize. Inventory Control
  • Custody Transfer Pipelines
    of pipelines in 3 other states. Sun has selected Hoffer Flow Controls' premium performance American Petroleum Institute (API) rated flowmeters to monitor these lines. "We operate as a common carrier transporter of crude oil, gasoline, home heating oil, diesel fuel and petrochemicals which are produced
  • Viscosity Measurement and the World's Insatiable Demand for Oil
    companies to test. and accurately classify Bakken oil before shipping it by rail. The American Petroleum Institute plans to develop guidelines for. testing the viscosity, corrosion, and vapor pressure of crude oil to ensure it is loaded only into railcars equipped with the appropriate safety features.
  • Prevention Against the Dangers of Fugitive Emissions
    emissions come from less than 1% of piping components, according to the American Petroleum Institute. That number includes the hundreds of gauges that can be in use in a typical plant. Preventing Fugitive Emissions. But addressing those leaks is not an impossible challenge. The key is preventing gauges from
  • Common HydroSense Questions and General Information Guide (.pdf)
    and their. resulting affects do not respect international borders. Various international conventions have enacted. regulations with regards to hydrocarbon contamination in water. On a national scale the Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the American Petroleum Institute. (API) in the United
  • Installing Automation in Hazardous Areas
    owing diagram. from the American Petroleum Institute shows how dispersion affects the Division classification. space around a potential source of flammable material. Page 2 of. The third component of the North American classification system is the Group letter,. summarized in the table below. Groups
  • The Metallurgical Effects of Weld Seam Heat Treating (.pdf)
    . will cool faster than thick walls. The hard, brittle martensite in the HAZ often causes failures in flattening and flaring tests and. can precipitate catastrophic failures in service. It is for this reason that the API (American. Petroleum Institute) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials
  • Controlling Static Hazards In Combustible Dust Atmospheres (.pdf)
    , operators can be alerted to the. the vacuuming system. The American Petroleum Institute (7). potential hazard immediately, either through automatic shut down of. recommends that all connecting metal parts of the vacuum collection. the operation or by hazard strobes and sounders. system