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  • Central and peripheral nervous system effects of hand-arm vibrating tool operation
    ...23 to 56 (mean 43) years, had worked for 1 to 29 (mean 12 ) years; in 1986... ...kHz) were presented to the right ear through electro- magnetically shielded earphones at a rate of 20 per second The in- tensity of click stimuli was 110 dB sound pressure level (SPL) for... ...after amplification and filtration ( bandpass , 200 to 2000 Hz... ...RION AA-96 audiometer The audiometer con- formed to the standard of the American National Standards Insti...
  • Micromachined 300 GHz high Q resonant slot frequency selective surface filter
    ...Z., and Grossman, E.N.: ‘Spectral transmittance of lossy printed resonant- grid terahertz bandpass filters’, IEEE Trans... 10 Oldfield, M., et al.: ‘MARSCHALS: Development of an airborne millimetre-wave limb sounder ’. Symp. on Remote sensing (SPIE 2001), pp. 221–228 11 Mace, R.G.: ‘Annealing of fused quartz’, GE Quartz Inc. http://, Feb 2000, pp. 1–5 12 ‘Xp release layer - OmniCoatt’... ...electrodeposited metals and alloys’ ( American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers...
  • Automated Referee Whistle Sound Detection for Extraction of Highlights from Sports Video
    Then, a bandpass filter is designed to accentuate referee whistle sound and suppress other audio events. ...of the proposed design is tested using a large scale audio database including American football, soccer, and... The total duration of the test audio signal is approximately 12 hours and 11 minutes.
  • Aeroacoustics Conferences > On the sources of jet noise: a numerical study using band-pass Filtering (AIAA 2013-2233)
    A comparison between the bandpass filtered pressure and vorticity fields is shown in Fig. 11. Figure 12 shows the passband overall sound pressure levels measured on an arc with radius 52Dj from the jet exit. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics .
  • PLOS Computational Biology: The Modulation Transfer Function for Speech Intelligibility
    For American English, the speech MTF showed the criticality of low modulation frequencies in both time and... Comprehension was significantly impaired when temporal modulations < 12 Hz or spectral modulations <4 cycles/kHz were removed. More specifically, the MTF was bandpass in temporal modulations and low-pass in spectral modulations: temporal modulations... The sound signal of speech is rich in temporal and frequency patterns.
  • Onboard ultraviolet spectrometers BUFS-3 and BUFS-4 for the satellite Meteor
    On this satellite the American instrument TOMS for mapping TO was installed, that gave a unique possibility... The instrument has 12 spectral channels switched in series in the spectrum range of 255-340 mu... 2) To improve the optical scheme making it more reliable, technologically sound , with a greater temperature and... 3) To select optimum for each of the spectral channel bandpass , instead of one and the same...
  • Detection of human speech in structured noise
    Existing speech detection algorithms designed for a communications environmentutilize various combinations of energy estimation,zero crossings,correlation functions, LPC coefficient and power change ratios, or bandpass filterbanksignal to noise ratio thresholds [2][ 12 ][ 131. ...speakers which are divided approximatelyevenly between male and female, and between the eight major dialects of American Noise sources (rain, traffic sounds , rifle fire, bird songs, surf, etc.) are from a two volume compact...
  • Handbook of Data Compression
    analog-to-digital converter, see ADC Anderson, Karen, 640 anomalies (in an image), 742 ANSI ( American National Standards Institute), 247 anti-Fibonacci numbers, 134, 146 antidictionary... ...276–279, 453, 829, 1147 and move-to-front, 46 and sound , 966 and video compression... ...1202 Baker, Brenda, 1176 Baker, Russell (1925–), 62 balanced binary tree, 230, 276 bandpass function, 736 Bao... ...769 biprefix codes, see affix codes bisection, 680–682, 1322 bit budget (definition of), 12 bitmap, 36 bitplane...
    12 American National Standard Methods for the Calculation of the Articulation Index, ANSI S3.5-1969 (New York: American National Standards Institute, 1969). 14 The system identi- fies speech sounds by combining estimates made in each of four non-overlapping... The bandpass signal characteriza- tions studied included cepstral, LPC, and autocor- relation coefficients, with both static parameter...
  • Professional video technique
    Akkomodation prism Active to 12 active-matrix-display 406 Active line 114 Active line duration 26 359 alias 18, 100 alpha... 640, 117, 570 aluminum layer 388 ON the 192 AM-LCD 406 ON-negative 204 American adjustment 342 amplitude Shift... ...592 Bi phase-marrow-code 110, 505 Bidirectional prediction 137 BIFS 165 image- tone carrier distance 197... ...CCIR 33 CCIR-G 205 CDS 546 CDi 546 Celco 305 CELP (code Excited Linearly Prediction) 178 center channel 281 batch Coupled Device 314 Checksum 231, 506 Chroma Time Compressed multiplexing 491 Chroma-Key 567 Chroma bandpass filter 85 Chroma track 490...
  • NASA Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports
    ...Spiros; May 25, 2008; 1 pp.; In English; Joint meeting of AAS/SPD and American Geophysics Union (AGU... ...Other Sources; Abstract Only The Extreme-Ultraviolet Normal-Incidence Spectrograph (EUNIS) is a sounding rocket instrument that... It has now had two successful flights, on 2006 April 12 and 2007 November 16, providing data... ...absolute EUNIS response within a total uncertainty of 10% over its full longwave bandpass of 300-370A.
  • Aeroacoustics Conferences > Aeroacoustic Source Identication Measurements Coupling Time-Resolved PIV and Array Signal Processing (AIAA 2013-2054)
    In addition to this, direct comparison between the results shown in figures 12 and 13 show a... ...separate locations along the jet axis, these results are not conclusive evidence of sound radiation originating at... ...the calculation of the time domain cross-correlation coefficients, all microphone signals were bandpass filtered by a... American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics .