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  • Automate the Mixing of Anhydrous Ammonia and Water
  • Clean Waters and Agriculture
    Sedimentation Laboratory (NSL) in Oxford, Mississippi. "We need to develop economically effective ways to keep soils in place and to keep the nutrients in the soil from entering and polluting our waters. " Martin Locke, research leader of NSL 's Water Quality and Ecology Research Unit, says that it 's
  • Ammonia Stripping Explained
    upward through the. packing. Since the ammonia is partially. present as a dissolved gas, some of the. ammonia transfers from the water to the. air. AMMONIA STRIPPING. WATER TREATMENT. Removal of Ammonia. Air Stripping. BRANCH ENVIRONMENTAL CORP. 2. HOW DOES IT WORK?. In a waste stream, ammonium ions
  • Ammonia Sensor for Closed-Loop SCR Control (.pdf)
    ,. interference effects on ammonia sensing have been. studied both on lab gas bench and on the engine bench. O= → (1/2)O2. +. 2e. (1). H2O & O2 – In engine exhaust, water and oxygen. O= + (2/3)NH. concentrations are a function of incoming-air humidity,. 3 → H2O + (1/3)N2 + 2e. (2). air fuel (A/F) ratio
  • Efficient Ammonia Removal Using Modular Liqui-Cel (R) Contactors (.pdf)
    the ammonia so that it is not discharged back into the environment. There are many conventional ways to remove ammonia from water but most of them produce a secondary waste stream that can cause a whole list of other problems. Membrane Contactors offer a superior solution for stripping Ammonia
  • EPA Increases Ammonia Emissions Control
    Concern about ammonia emissions in the air and the water continues to grow, both officially and unofficially. As U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) moves to further reduce ammonia concentrations in surface waters, common water treatment methods transform what had been a water pollution
  • A Review of Solid Materials as Alternative Ammonia Sources for Lean NOx Reduction with SCR (.pdf)
    (32.5 wt %) dissolved in water or Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) as the ammonia source. While DEF or AdBlue (R) is widely used as a source of ammonia, it has a number of issues at low temperatures, including freezing below -12 oC, solid deposit formation in the exhaust, and difficulties in dosing
  • Monitoring, Feedback and Control of Urea SCR Dosing Systems for NOx Reduction: Utilizing an Embedded Model and Ammonia Sensing (.pdf)
    to use ammonia directly, urea-water solutions. loop feedback system using an NH3 sensor to provide in-. have proven to be suitable sources of ammonia in the. use system robustness and improved transient response. exhaust and have made SCR possible for a wide range. as demonstrated on the heavy duty

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