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  • Ammonia Pressure Measurement using Thermal Flash Protection (.pdf)
    Situation: Ammonia offers refrigeration pump and compressor manufacturers an improved efficiency over Freon based systems. However, the thermodynamic behavior of ammonia is very different from Freon. When the refrigeration pump turns on, the ammonia temperature rapidly changes from 100°F to -70°F
  • SALOF Refrigeration Lowers Costs and Strengthens Job Bids with Bentley AutoPLANT Software
    with Bentley. AutoPLANT Software. install new. refrigeration systems with new ammonia. (NH3) refrigeration, rather than retrofit much. older systems. Because time is money and downtime can. be devastating to business, customers expect their vendors to. deploy the new systems with minimal, if any
  • How to Select a Pressure Transducer for Industrial Applications
    with the. media, which can include motor oil, brake fluid, refrigerants, hydraulic. fluids, seawater, wastewater, tap water, oxygen, compressed air, and. nitrogen, to mention just a few. Special consideration must be made for. harsh media such as ammonia, ionized water, salt water, hydrogen,. acids and jet fuel
  • The refrigerator revolution
    . For example, Michael Farady, in the early 1800s, liquefied ammonia to cause cooling. In 1889 and 1890, warm winters created natural-ice shortages that accelerated the use of mechanical refrigeration. Also in the 19th century, much effort was made to find a suitable gas to undergo compression and provide
  • Medical Device Link .
    through a heat exchanger (radiator) via a pump. Heat Pipes. A heat pipe is a sealed vessel containing a working fluid, typically ammonia, water, acetone, or methanol, although special fluids are used for cryogenic and high temperature applications. The heat pipe transfers heat by evaporating
  • The Right Compound
    , ethers, amines and aqueous bases (i.e., ammonia and sodium hydroxide). In their original state, most rubber polymers have limited commercial value. Therefore, a compound "recipe" must be developed to enhance or add to a polymer's inherent physical and chemical characteristics, and to ensure
  • Medical Device Link . Thermal Management Techniques for Medical and Laboratory Equipment
    will be determined by system needs, such as the amount of heat to be removed, and limitations, such as space, cost, power, and permissible vibration. HEAT PIPES A heat pipe is a sealed vessel that transfers heat by the evaporation and condensation of an internal working fluid. Ammonia, water, acetone