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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SPLN PLC Radwell Hansen Technologies Not Provided LEVEL SENSOR SINGLE PT FOR AMMONIA OR H20 10-30VDC
0554 3181 Tequipment.Net Testo Not Provided Replacement sensor (ammonia) for 316-4 Ref. Leak Detector
A21L1000 PLC Radwell Analygas Sys Ltd Not Provided AMMONIA SENSOR SOLID STATE REMOTE
580105224 PLC Radwell 3m Tape Division Not Provided PKG QTY 1 AMMONIA SENSOR
I931021104C PLC Radwell 3m Not Provided PKG QTY 1 AMMONIA SENSOR
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  • Ammonia Sensor for Closed-Loop SCR Control (.pdf)
    Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is the dominant solution for meeting future NOx reduction regulations for heavy-duty diesel powertrains. SCR systems benefit from closed-loop control if an appropriate exhaust gas sensor were available. An ammonia sensor has recently been developed for use
  • Ammonia Pressure Measurement using Thermal Flash Protection (.pdf)
    the refrigeration pump turns. n High level of EMI/RFI protection. on, the ammonia temperature rapidly. n UL/cUL listed. changes from 100°F to -70°F or below. This. n Hazardous area approvals for equipment. accelerated change, along with the type of. installed in classified locations. sensor diaphragm
  • Monitoring, Feedback and Control of Urea SCR Dosing Systems for NOx Reduction: Utilizing an Embedded Model and Ammonia Sensing (.pdf)
    . INTRODUCTION. been suggestions that using an ammonia sensor as part. of a feedback control system may provide superior. performance [3]. An ammonia sensor has been. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) of NOx with. developed [7] that provides the feedback signal needed. ammonia is the most selective
  • Ammonia Gas Measurement
    Ammonia Gas Measurement. Harmful effects of Ammonia gas on pressure sensors. with elastomer seals. Typical chemical plant. Caustic chemical. tank storage. To avoid the harmful effects of. Specifying a transmitter. When looking at Ammonia gas for compat-. Ammonia gas on pressure sensors
  • A Review of Solid Materials as Alternative Ammonia Sources for Lean NOx Reduction with SCR (.pdf)
    and magnesium ammine chloride both. groups: urea, ammonium salts and metal ammines. For. have decomposition temperatures above 125 °C, which. reference purposes anhydrous liquid ammonia and. is undesirable due to temperature limitations of sensors. acetone are included. & many useful materials Other
  • Model Based Control of SCR Dosing and OBD Strategies with Feedback from NH3 Sensors (.pdf)
    This paper presents a model-based control system for SCR urea dosing employing an embedded real-time SCR chemistry model and a NH3 sensor. The control algorithm consists of a number of control features designed to enhance ammonia storage control and closed-loop compensation using the mid-brick NH3
  • An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor
    to 38 C/95% RH to 85 C/10% RH Salt fog As per ASTM B117-73 for 24 hr Temperature cycle 666 cycles to (90 min./cycle) between 40 C and 85 C Resistance to contaminants Exposure to: engine oil, graphite oil, WD40, vinyl plasticizer, ammonia base cleaner, alcohol base cleaner Temperature
  • Optical Liquid Level Sensor Application Note (.pdf)
    . Acetic acid - Glacial. Glycerol. Acetic acid - 10%. Heptane. Ammonia - 88. Hydrochloric acid 10%. Ammonium Hydroxide - 10%. Hydrochloric acid conc. Ammonium Chloride - 10%. Hydrogen Peroxide. Aviation spirit. Isopropanol. Benzene. Iso-Octane. Benzoic acid. Kerosene. Bleach. Linseed oil. Brine

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