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  • Matching Device Drivers with Embedded Hardware
    . Roll Your Own Driver. May be highly optimized for the application. May require considerable development and testing time. Table 1. Summary of sources for embedded device drivers. transfers this data using direct memory ac- drivers for any particular devices. There to support all of them. General y
  • Buck-Boost LED Driver Using the PIC16F785 MCU
    This application note presents the design equations, schematics and source code for a 5.5W power LED driver using the PIC16F785 MCU. The application, as shown, can be connected to operate as a buck-boost converter or a boost converter. The PIC16F785 makes a great choice for this application because
  • A Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver
    the PIC12HV615 microcontroller (MCU). The increase the allowable current ripple to reduce the PIC12HV615 is an 8-pin MCU with many integrated inductor value. However, the +/- 20% limit is a rule of analog features. The LED driver circuit is a buck (step- thumb to minimize efficiency losses in the LED. You
  • 30 V, 2 A High Efficiency CVCC LED Driver
    . MMSD4148. Feedback. PWM Dim. NOTES: 1. 2. Figure 2. NCL30051 LED Driver CVCC Secondary Sensing and PWM Dimming Input Option. 3. DN05015/D. TEST DATA. Performance Parameters: Load is two Luminous Devices. LED modules in series. Table 3. TEST DATA. VIN. PIN. PF. %THD. IOUT. VOUT
  • Latch-Up Protection for MOSFET Drivers
    , but they. VS-. are especially important in analog and power process-. S. G. D. D. G. S. ing circuits, becoming even more critical when CMOS. ICs are used. Poor ground practice can result in device latching. An. Q2. example of this is shown in Figure 3. In this example,. Q1. R2. the PWM source sends
  • Designing with the MCP3901 Dual Channel Analog-to-Digital Converters (.pdf)
    The central goal of this application note is to supply support material for a new MCP3901 design. Starting with PCB layout techniques, getting the best performance out of this device will be given for typical applications through proper analog and digital grounding. Designing with the MCP3901 Dual
  • Analog Design in a Digital World Using Mixed Signal Controllers
    and PIC16C782 are the first devices in a new line of mixed analog/digital microcontrollers from Microchip. These microcontrollers are a marriage of our traditional microcontroller architecture with new mixed signal peripherals that change many of the old conventions of embedded microcontroller design
  • Using the PIC Devices' SSP and MSSP Modules for Slave I2C Communication
    of the I 2 C protocol and to show how PICmicro devices with the SSP or MSSP modules are used as a Slave device on an I 2 C bus. Microchip. Chinese Japanese English. Products. PIC (R) Microcontrollers. 8-bit PIC (R) MCUs. 16-bit PIC (R) MCUs & dsPIC (R) DSCs. 32-bit PIC (R) MCUs. Amplifiers & Linear