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  • Analog Voltmeters-Image
    Analog Voltmeters - (143 companies)
    ...a needle rather than a digital display. Voltmeters may be standalone devices or a part of a multimeter. Analog voltmeters use a wide variety of means to measure voltage, with d'Arsonval moving-coil galvanometers being most common. These devices use...
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  • HPLC Detectors-Image
    HPLC Detectors - (50 companies) a doubling of peak area. Detector wavelength indicates the emission wavelength. Response time is the amount of time between a solute 's entry into an HPLC detector and the generation of a chromatogram. Flow cell volume and flow cell rate are measurements...
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  • Analog Multimeters-Image
    Analog Multimeters - (204 companies)
    Analog multimeters are instruments used to measure electrical quantities such as voltage, current, resistance, frequency and signal power. Analog multimeters are instruments that are used to measure electrical quantities such as voltage, current...
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  • Analog Ammeters-Image
    Analog Ammeters - (126 companies)
    AC) and direct current (DC). Some devices that measure AC current also measure root mean square (RMS) power, which is the square root of the time average of the square of the instantaneous power. Many analog ammeters include a current sensor built...
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  • Analog Resistance Meters-Image
    Analog Resistance Meters - (83 companies)
    ...the meter with the adjustment knob. Features. Analog resistance meters are available with a variety of features. For example, battery powered devices can be operated without plug-in power. Temperature compensated devices, which provide programming...
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    RF Power Detectors - (13 companies)
    RF power detectors are devices that detect an RF signal and convert it to an output that corresponds to the RF power. These devices typically connect in-line with coaxial connectors. RF power detectors pick up radio frequency signals and generate...
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    RF Power Detector ICs - (9 companies)
    RF Power Detector IC's. are chips that detect the presence and strength of an RF signals and provide a corresponding output. Description. Radio Frequency (RF) Power Detector ICs are chips that detect the presence and strength of an RF signals...
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    Phototransistors - (91 companies)
    This category includes photodarlingtons. Phototransistors are solid-state light detectors with internal gain that are used to provide analog or digital signals. Phototransistors are used in almost all electronic devices that depend on light including...
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    Level Sensors - (1098 companies)
    They are used generally as a high alarm or switch. These level sensors can also be integrated in a single device to add a low alarm, or to serve as a stepped version of a continuous level. Example of point level measurement. Video Credit: madisonsensors...
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    Electrical Voltage Sensors - (130 companies)
    ...include analog or digital visual indicators. Typically, analog devices feature a needle or pointer while digital units provide an alphanumeric readout. Some electrical voltage sensors are capable of measuring three-phase AC voltage. Others are equipped...
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