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  • Application note for Analog Devices Analog-to-Digital Converter Model AD9640 (.pdf)
    This application note explains the use of Anaren's multilayer balun (BD0205F5050AHF) in conjunction with Analog Devices AD9640 integrated dual 14-bit, 80/105/125/150 MSPS analog to digital converter. The AD9640 ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) operates up to a 125 MSPS conversion rate
  • Using Anaren's BD0205F5050A00 Balun with Analog Devices, Inc. AD9445 and AD9446 High Speed Data Converters (.pdf)
    This application note helps explain the use of Anaren's multilayer BD0205F5050A00 balun, in conjunction with either the Analog Devices AD9445 or AD9446 14bit / 16bit high speed data converters, This implementation will contribute to both a higher Signal to Noise ratio and an improvement in SFDR
  • New Inductive Proximity Switch with Analog Output
    Why inductive? Inductive proximity switches are highly popular with end-users, since they are ? robust ? cost effective ? insensitive to dirt ? standardized and therefore simple to use. Why analog? Classical (switching) inductive proximity switches in fact work internally as analog devices
  • Analog switches
    of an n-channel and a p-channel device in parallel. This configuration lets the switch handle analog currents flowing in either direction through the switch. A point to note about analog switches is that there are parasitic circuit elements between the control and the analog signal paths. Circuit
  • Mixed Analog-Digital Vlsi Devices and Technology
    Mixed Analog-Digital Vlsi Devices and Technology. Filled with practical information, this reference book will help you grasp the nuances of mixed-signal VLSI-device models and layout that are crucial to the design of high-performance chips.
  • Teaching Analog New Tricks
    and pokey communications. Their communications speeds accommodate only a few dozen readings per second, and though many meters offer analog outputs which can in theory be sampled at many kilosamples per second, their analog bandwidths are on generally on the order of a few dozen Hz or less
  • Introduction to Analog Electronics
    This book is designed for students who are taking their first course in analog electronics in either a two-year or four-year program. The prerequisites are a DC-AC course; a basic knowledge of algebra, including the ability to solve simultaneous linear equations; and a strong knowledge
  • Analog to Digital Conversion
    This application note describes a method for implementing analog to digital (A/D) conversion on the PIC16C5X series of microcontrollers. The converter requires only five external components and is software and hardware configurable for conversion resolutions from 6-bits up to 10-bits and conversion
  • Digital does analog
    Class D audio amplifiers give analog sound a digital touch. Makers of portable electronic devices are in a continuous struggle to add innovative features while getting a long operating life from an internal power source. Nowhere is this demonstrated more effectively than in the cellular phone
  • A Guide to SPI FRAM Devices
    are designated FM25xxx. The FM24xxx part numbers designate the stand-alone 2-wire (I2C) FRAM family. The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is a serial bus created by Motorola and is provided as a dedicated interface on their MCUs and those from other semiconductor suppliers, such as TI, Atmel, Microchip, Analog

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