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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PIC24FJ64GA306 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided of many peripherals in real time. Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) enabling 24 channels of Capacitive Touch. Three Analog rail-to-rail comparators Peripherals. Hardware RTCC, Real-Time Clock Calendar with Alarms System. Internal oscillators support - 31 kHz to 8 MHz, up to 32 MHz with 4X PLL...
DM330022 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided motor windings with the two on-board full-bridge inverters. Ø Measure feedback and other analog signals (i.e., current, DC voltage, Potentiometer and Fault signals). Ø Communicate with a host computer or an external device via USB. The dsPIC DSC devices feature an 8-channel, high-speed...
TC428 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided control ICs possible, as well as open-collector analog comparators. Quiescent power supply current is 8mA maximum. The TC426 requires 1/5 the current of the pin-compatible bipolar DS0026 device. This is important in DC-to-DC converter applications with power efficiency constraints and high-frequency...
KCD2-SCD-1 Allied Electronics, Inc. PEPPERL AND FUCHS Not Provided Signal Conditioner, K-System, 1-Chan Analog Output Smart Current Driver, 232720
KFD2-CD2-EX2 Allied Electronics, Inc. PEPPERL AND FUCHS Not Provided Isolated Barrier, Analog, Current Driver, 2 Channel, 24VDC (20-35VDC)
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  • Buck-Boost LED Driver Using the PIC16F785 MCU
    it combines a MCU with many on-chip analog peripherals. This application is similar to the circuit described in Microchip's application note AN874 and you can refer to this document for more design information. This application note builds on the application described in AN874 and adds
  • A Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver
    the PIC12HV615 microcontroller (MCU). The increase the allowable current ripple to reduce the PIC12HV615 is an 8-pin MCU with many integrated inductor value. However, the +/- 20% limit is a rule of analog features. The LED driver circuit is a buck (step- thumb to minimize efficiency losses in the LED. You
  • When Choosing Between Analog or Digital Amplifiers, Consider a Hybrid
    Traditionally, power amplifiers for servo motors have been designed with continuous components. Such amplifiers, also known as drivers, achieve fast response and excellent performance. In recent years, we have seen the growth of digital amplifiers. These devices include a microprocessor
  • Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) Solutions Guide
    The ADAS Guide is intended to help you explore TI's ADAS analog and digital solutions and details its strong roadmap to support the evolution and growth of this exciting application space.
  • Application Review and Comparative Evaluation of Low Side Gate Drivers
    Power MOSFETs require a gate drive circuit to translate the on/off signals from an analog or digital controller into the power signals necessary to control the MOSFET.
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    for. compliance with safety standards. Projects include the design of an isolated biopotential. amplifier, transformer-coupled analog isolator module, carrier-based optically coupled analog. isolator, linear optically coupled analog isolator with compensation, isolated eight-channel. 12-bit analog
  • TC7135 Microprocessor Interface (TC7135)
    Many data acquisition systems require both a visual display and a computer interface. The TC7135 from Microchip Technology is a 4-1/2 digit Analog-to-Digital converter (ADC) which can easily provide both of these functions. The TC7135s multiplexed BCD outputs interface easily to low cost LED or LCD
  • Making Cars Safer Through Technology Innovation
    and high-performance processing enabled by advanced integrated circuit technology. Learn how Texas Instruments (TI) is driving innovation in analog and embedded processing to shape the future of automotive electronics today.

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