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  • Application note for Analog Devices Analog-to-Digital Converter Model AD9640 (.pdf)
    an impedance transformation and b). convert a single ended signal into a differential one. Baluns are used in analog to digital conversion. circuits to couple signals appropriately to the converter’s differential analog inputs. In this. discussion, the terms balun and transformer will be used
  • Analog Design in a Digital World Using Mixed Signal Controllers
    and PIC16C782 are the first devices in a new line of mixed analog/digital microcontrollers from Microchip. These microcontrollers are a marriage of our traditional microcontroller architecture with new mixed signal peripherals that change many of the old conventions of embedded microcontroller design
  • Mixed Analog-Digital Vlsi Devices and Technology
    Mixed Analog-Digital Vlsi Devices and Technology. Filled with practical information, this reference book will help you grasp the nuances of mixed-signal VLSI-device models and layout that are crucial to the design of high-performance chips. Books24x7 EngineeringPro
  • Using PWM to Generate Analog Output
    . Some speech applications (talk back units, speech synthesis systems in toys, etc.) also do not require high resolution D/A converters. For these applications, Pulse Width Modulated outputs may be converted to analog outputs. Conversion of PWM waveforms to analog signals involves the use of analog
  • Integrating Converter Analog Processor (TC500A)
    . IN. Decoding. 15. Control Signals. GND. Logic. 2. 16. 12. 13. V –. V+. A. B. S. S. Control Logic. FIGURE 1: Functional diagram. © 2002 Microchip Technology, Inc. DS00789A-page 1. AN789. In short, this low-power CMOS device lets your software pro-. COMPLETING THE CONVERSION PROCESS. gram fearlessly
  • Using Anaren's BD0205F5050A00 Balun with Analog Devices, Inc. AD9445 and AD9446 High Speed Data Converters (.pdf)
    This application note helps explain the use of Anaren's multilayer BD0205F5050A00 balun, in conjunction with either the Analog Devices AD9445 or AD9446 14bit / 16bit high speed data converters, This implementation will contribute to both a higher Signal to Noise ratio and an improvement in SFDR
  • Digital Signal Processing with the PIC16C74
    . These routines can also be used with other PIC16C6X and PIC16C7XXX processors with minor modifications and the addition of external analog I/O devices. Digital Signal Processing with the PIC16C74. AN616. Digital Signal Processing with the PIC16C74. The input signal, x(t), is first passed through
  • MCP2030 Three-Channel Analog Front-End Device Overview
    (wake-up) filter is enabled, the. demodulated output is available after the wake-up filter. The device detects amplitude-modulated input signals. Figure 2 shows a valid input waveform structure and. and sends data by clamping on and off the input signal. demodulated output. The user can program