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Parts by Number for Analog Telephone Adapter Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ATA187-I1-A= ASAP Semiconductor CISCO Not Provided Cisco ATA 187 Analog Telephone Adaptor - VoIP phone adapter - Et
HT286 ASAP Semiconductor GRANDSTREAM Not Provided 1-FXS Port Analog Telephone Adapter (06/14)
HT502 ASAP Semiconductor GRANDSTREAM Not Provided 2-FXS-port Analog Telephone Adapter (06/14)

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  • VoIP in Industrial Networks - Implementing QoS for Reliable Voice Over Industrial Ethernet
    , and VoIP telephone calls are very time criti-. QoS and ensure that all the data, voice, and video gets. cal with consequences ranging from poor voice quality. through end-to-end. 5. Product Line. Series. Description. M-ATA. Micro-Analog Telephone Adapter. M-AFA. Micro-Analog Fax Adapter. S-ATA
  • VoIP in Industrial Networks
    . 5. Product Line. Series. Description. M-ATA. Micro-Analog Telephone Adapter. M-AFA. Micro-Analog Fax Adapter. S-ATA. Residential Smart Analog Telephone Adapter. S-DTA. Residential Smart Digital (BRI) Telephone Adapter. S-WTA. Wireless Analog VoIP IAD. SN411X. Multi-Port Analog VoIP Gateway. SN402X
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    Assessing the effects of EU and FDA EMI and EMC regulations is critical to the design of medical electronic products. Because the sensitive analog amplifiers, sophisticated microprocessors, and other components in medical electronic equipment can be adversely affected by electromagnetic
  • Real Time Processing within MATLAB
    . • flexible analog signal conditioning. process in SigLab™ will not over run the. • user selectable sampling rates with. data processing operations performed using. superb alias protection. MATLAB® on the host PC. This means that. • both low and band passes alias filtering. data can be processed
  • Technical Reference: Common Connectivity Terms
    attenuation within a fiber cable. Mechanical Splice (Fiber Optic) - A mechanical means of connecting two fibers. MODEM - An acronym for MOdulator/DEModulator. Modems are data communications devices that convert digital signals to analog signals for transmission over analog public telephone networks.

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