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  • Digital Signal Processors "Think " Analog But Work Digitally
    DSPs are purposely built to make short work of complex calculations. A basic block diagram of a DSP audio encoding, storage, and playback system. An audio source, such as a microphone, sends analog audio signals to the analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The ADC converts the analog signal
  • Comparing analog and digital drives
    Faster and cheaper processors currently being turned out by the silicon foundries are making it easier to justify digital drives instead of traditional analog drives. But do digital drives offer a clear advantage for more applications? Compare the two approaches by first analyzing the classic
  • Digital does analog
    Class D audio amplifiers give analog sound a digital touch. Makers of portable electronic devices are in a continuous struggle to add innovative features while getting a long operating life from an internal power source. Nowhere is this demonstrated more effectively than in the cellular phone
  • Signals and Systems with MATLAB Applications, Second Edition
    Signals and Systems with MATLAB Applications, Second Edition. This text contains a comprehensive discussion of continuous and discrete time signals and systems with many examples from MATLAB. It provides complete, detailed explanations of the principal analog and digital signal processing concepts
  • Digital Signal Processing with the PIC16C74
    This application note describes the basic issues that need to be addressed in order to implement digital signal processing systems using the PIC16C74 and provides application code modules and examples for DTMF tone generation, a 60 Hz notch filter, and a simple PID compensator for control systems
  • Voltage-to-Frequency Analog-to-Digital Converters
    -to-frequency analog-to-digital conversion has a high degree of noise rejection, because the input signal is effectively integrated over the counting interval. Voltage-to-frequency conversion is commonly used to convert slow and often noisy signals. It is also useful for remote sensing applications in noisy
  • Combining the Best of Analog and Digital Indication
    of relative signal level. When a process condition became critical, a DPM was then used for more exact readings. The Digital Bargraph Meter was developed to combine the best features of analog and digitial indication. This article reviews the development of bargraph meters and their use today in a variety
  • Pipelined Analog-to-digital Converters (ADCs)
    into an m-bit digital-to-analog converter, and its output is subtracted from the original sampled signal. The residual analog signal is then amplified and sent on to the next stage in the pipeline to be sampled and converted as it was in the first stage. This process is repeated through as many stages

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