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  • Ion Selective Sensors and Electrodes Technologies for Industrially, Environmentally and Biologically Significant Ion Measurements - Complete Technical Paper
    Ion selective sensors have been used for analytical determination of a wide variety of ions since the 1900??s. Ion selective sensor??s utility and simplicity has replaced other wet analytical methods that were often far slower and more cumbersome to perform. Although it would be impossible to give
  • Virtual Sensors for Advanced Pharmaceutical Process Control
    , resulting in product loss, rework and higher manufacturing costs. In order to control quality and process variables, however, one must accurately and continuously measure process conditions. In theory, conventional analytical hardware can provide this information, but existing sensors cannot measure some
  • Reduce Calibration Costs and Improve Sensor Integrity through Redundancy and Statistical Analysis
    a costly routine calibration protocol. FDA s process analytical technology (PAT) initiative has opened the door to a fresh look at applying technology for productivity improvements in the pharmaceutical industry. The application of online, real-time analytical instruments was the first trend
  • Liquid Analysis in Mineral Processing
    This paper describes the process applications that take place after mining and prior to refining as they relate to pH / ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity.The implementation of the proper analytical sensors in the common metal extraction processes used today in the minerals industry go far
  • New Gas Sensors Simplify Power Plant Leak Detection
    as purity is maintained above 90%. Analytical equipment is used to measure and control h2 purity, as well as measure CO2, which is used to purge the generator of air during start-up, and purge the hydrogen during shutdown. This prevents the formation of a flammable mixture. Direct h2 cooling systems
  • Advances in pH Measurement in High-Temperature Biotech Processes
    By CD Feng, Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical Liquid The A electrodes were made from a new high-temperature glass formulation based upon the research showing that aging occurs primarily in the gel layer of the sensor. The new formulations are designed to achieve exceptional thermal
  • Measurement and Control Basics, Fourth Edition
    . application to analytical measurement. Three sections were also added to. Chapter 8 on photoconductive sensors, photomultiplier tubes, and turbidity. analyzers. Chapter 9 on flow measurement contains new coverage on Reynolds. Number and fluid flow profiles. The discussion of the basic principles
  • Advances in pH Measurement in High-Temperature Biotech Processes
    By CD Feng, Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical Liquid pH is one of the most important parameters of cell-culture and fermentation processing in the biotech industry. Yet pH measurement in various industrial processes still heavily relies upon century-old pH glass electrode technology

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