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  • Field Adhesion Testing for Protective Glazing Applications
    on the sealant tab as shown in the. Cohesive Failure. illustration. d. Grasp a 2 " (50 mm) piece of sealant firmly just beyond the. 1 " (25 mm) mark and pull at a 90° angle. e. If dissimilar substrates are being sealed, check the adhesion of. Field Adhesion Test – Weatherseal Joint. sealant to each substrate
  • Extrusion Processes
    . section. Figure 2 shows examples of feedscrews. There are at least three. defined sections in a basic feedscrew, and if specifically. Lead. engineered to accomplish a definite purpose, they can have. Helix Angle. Channel = depth. metering section. Screw diameter. additional sections.
  • Medical Device Link .
    of conductive inks and membrane technology. Topflight Corp., Membrane Switch Div., Booth 1101 Wire Braider A horizontal 16-carrier fine-wire braider comes complete with a belt puller that is controlled via "intelligent motion control." Braid angle or pick density can be changed on the fly. The unit has been
  • Color and contrast
    reflection angle, makes the single lens configuration possible. Photoelectric sensors working with targets farther away generally use two different lenses for transmission and to collect reflections. Luminescence sensors and some contrast sensors incorporate a semitransparent mirror to beam light
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    an angle. Automated deburring of needles using microabrasive blasting techniques requires two nozzles: one nozzle projects glass beads to kick out the burrs while a second one pushes them away. To remove a burr from the heel area of a needle, the abrasive stream must strike at an exact location and angle
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    too slow and operator intensive. ". Trial and Error. Popper initially identified the main factors of automation as uniform coverage, controlled blast time, and proper nozzle angle. Theories were tested by integrating the microabrasive blasting equipment into a cabinet equipped with tooling to hold
  • Medical Device Link .
    . The resonance shifts the reflectance maxima (angle difference), and the reflectance determines the quantity of binding on the surface. This technique does not require labels and is an ideal system for immunoassays, or binding-recognition events, and kinetic studies of the interaction of biomolecules
  • Destructive Quality Testing of Welded Steel Tube (.pdf)
    straight, running parallel to the rolling direction, i.e., longitudinally. When. the weld is made, the hot steel “bulges” (upsets) in the weld area. The angle and. symmetry of the flow lines is an indication of the degree to which the edges are pre-. sented flat and parallel. The specimens should