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  • Getting the right angle
    Angle encoders differ from standard duty rotary encoders in terms of accuracy as well as mechanical complexity and the number of counts per revolution. Typically, an angle encoder is probably best if an application needs positioning accuracy of 5 angular sec (0.001 ) or better and a minimum line
  • How to confuse engineers: Resolvers, Encoders, Transducers
    Resolvers are good. Encoders are good. But which is the best? There s only one way to find out this article examines the strengths and weaknesses of each and also offers some alternatives. A resolver is an electrical transformer used to measure angle of rotation. Most resolvers look rather like
  • Advanced Analysis of Incremental Sensors: Quadrature Encoders, Pulse Multiplication, and SinCos Sensors
    Incremental sensors are used in a wide range of industrial settings wherever displacement, angle, linear or rotational speed, or other time-based physical quantities are to be measured. A previous white paper from imc introduced the functionality and basic analysis possibilities offered
  • Measurement Techniques for Incremental Sensors: Encoders, Frequency Counters, Magnetic RPM sensors, etc.
    Measurement of angle, distance, frequency, and speed, as well as general event counting measurements are commonplace in a variety of industrial situations including gearboxes, engine and motor operation, conveyor belts, milling and drilling machinery, and robotic assembly systems. This paper
  • Eliminating sensors from closed-loopcontrol
    . Here's how encoderless systems compare with more traditional motor-control methods. To operate efficiently, a conventional flux-vector PWM drive needs to know the rotor flux angle inside an ac-induction motor. A pulse encoder typically supplies information about rotor speed and angular position
  • Telescope Positioning Using Tiltmeters
    to the tilt angle.
  • Measure Angles on Rotating Systems with High Resolution
    A common approach to measuring distance or angle in a rotating system is by using an incremental encoder or resolver. The majority of industrial applications, such as machines or drives, are dominated by optical encoder -either with incremental or absolute output of the distance or angle. However
  • Rolling-ring actuators spool up production, cut costs
    point contact with the shaft surface. Changing the bearing angle relative to the shaft centerline determines bearing carrier travel direction and pitch, the distance traveled per shaft revolution. Angle changes, and hence speed and direction changes of the bearing carrier, can be done on the fly while
  • Torque Sensor Application - Rotating Torque Monitoring System
    with an encoder with "TTL" output for Speed or angle measurement. They are available in standard capacities starting from 0.5 NM to 1000 NM. Load Cell | Bending Beam Load Cell | Canister Load Cell | Column Load Cell | Compression Load Cell | Custom Load Cell | Donut Load Cell | High Capacity Load

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