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Parts by Number for Angle Iron Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
6WA223-1W-052 Global Industrial Penco Not Provided Penco Angle Iron Locker, Single Point Latch, 2 Tier, 1 Wide, 12"W X 12"D X 36h", Reflex Blue
6WAT330-3W-812 Global Industrial Penco Not Provided Penco Angle Iron Locker, Cremone Handle, 3 Tier, 3 Wide, 15"W X 18"D X 24h", Hunter Green
ADD-1824-3R Global Industrial Brennan Equipment Mfg Not Provided Little Giant ® Angle Iron Dolly, Lip Down, 18 X 24
ADU-1824-3R Global Industrial Brennan Equipment Mfg Not Provided Little Giant ® Angle Iron Dolly, Lip Up, 18 X 24
3125E-75 Allied Electronics, Inc. AMERICAN BEAUTY Not Provided Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron;75 W;1/4 in. Shank;Right Angle for Ergonomic Comfort
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    enclosure. fully around the cooling tower structure. This resulted in. In this case, a steel. greatly reduced downtime and labor savings for the plant. angle-iron attached. operator. Figure 7. Final results. to the wooden brac-. ing on the outside of. the fiberglass fan enclosure (on the motor side
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