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  • How New Angular Positioning Sensor Technology
    materials to. existing shaft alignment issues. FINAL Touchless White Paper How New Angular Positioning Sensor. Technology Opens A Broad Range of. New Applications. WhitePaper. WhitePaper. How New Angular Positioning Sensor Technology. Opens A Broad Range of New Applications. A new generation
  • Mounting Sensor Magnets with Tolerance Rings
    damage. Many designs require adjustment of the angular position – must line up with the mating component or axial position of the magnets. This is a typical problem due to tolerance stack up of the mating components in the assembly. The air gap between components is important to performance
  • How Rings Work
    component - replacing rubber boots. Allowing the use of a less expensive bearing by controlling the internal clearance. Allowing for angular misalignment, eliminating the need for special housing tooling and added housing length needed for spherical bearings. Compensating for thermal expansion
  • Design & Application of Small Standardized Components:
    and angular alignment. Any misalignment between shafts will create high stresses and support bearing loads. Rigid couplings by virtue of their simple rugged design are generally able to transmit more power than flexible couplings of comparable size but this is not an Important advantage except in high
  • Force Balance Sensor Technology
    by an electrical equivalent mechanical spring. There are two classes of servo force balance accelerometers: the pendulous type, having an unbalanced pivoting mass with angular displacement, and the non-pendulous type, having a mass which is displaced linearly. FB Force Balance. Sensor Technology
  • MEMS accelerometers and the Energy market
    measuring pure acceleration (inertia), to vibration,. low frequency seismic signals, angular tilt and shock. ./a95f40aa-68b6-4ab6-ad51-d1f27c1e781f MEMS accelerometers. and the energy market. Colibrys. THE ENERGY MARKET in general and the Oil and Gas market. only survive shocks of some few
  • Compact Self-aligned External Cavity Lasers Using Volume Gratings (.pdf)
    angle is. reached, the VHG is fixed (bonded) and must remain within a few milli-radian from its initial position for the life of the. product. Although such tight tolerance can be maintained in production, it would be preferable to relax the angular. requirement. The wavelength locked laser has
  • Adjustable Bearing Preload Solutions
    Angular roller bearings and ball bearings in an assembly typically require preloading in order to maintain a minimum designed axial force in the assembly. This minimum force is called the bearing preload and is designed to overcome the stack up of tolerances within the assembly and ensure no slop

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