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    Depolarizers - (14 companies) the production of varying amounts of circularly and elliptically polarized radiation of different wavelengths. This type of depolarizer is not should not be used in situations where monochromatic light must be depolarized. Lyot depolarizers are generally... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Fiber Optic Depolarizers - (4 companies)
    ...depolarizers can be either active or passive devices. Active depolarizers often use piezoelectric elements to modulate the length of a birefringent fiber, altering the state of polarization. A commonly used type of depolarizer for use with fiber optic... Learn More
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    Anodes - (135 companies)
    How to Select Anodes. Anodes are consumables used in a variety of electrochemical processes such as corrosion protection (sacrificial anodes) and electroplating (plating anodes). Types of Anode Materials. Anodes have a variety of compositions... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Lithium Batteries - (425 companies)
    Lithium batteries have a lithium anode. They are available as both primary batteries and secondary batteries. How to Select Lithium Batteries. Image credit: Electrochem Solutions, Inc; APC by Schneider Electric; People Energy Group. Lithium... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Programmable Unijunction Transistors (PUT) - (24 companies)
    Programmable uni-junction transistors (PUT) are three-terminal thyristors that are triggered into conduction when the voltage at the anode exceeds the voltage at the gate. The PUT is similar to the UJT, but its intrinsic standoff ratio can be set... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Surface and Corrosion Protection Products - (291 companies)
    ...effects of strong electrical current or ground return currents in electrical systems. Types of Corrosion Inhibitors. Surface protection products and corrosion protection products use two basic types of corrosion inhibitors: anode inhibitors and cathode... Learn More
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    Fuel Cell Stacks - (29 companies)
    ...requirements. Types of Fuel Cell Stacks and Assemblies. Fuel cell stacks are categorized by the fuel cell electrolyte, an ion-conducting material used between the fuel electrode (anode) and the oxidant electrode (cathode). These materials include... Learn More
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    Corrosion Protection Services - (199 companies)
    ...cell. When placed in contact with the metal in need of protection, another more easily corroded metal acts as the anode of the electrochemical cell. Cathodic corrosion protection services are often used to protect steel, pipelines and storage tanks... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR) - (141 companies)
    Silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR) are four-layer (PNPN) thyristors with three terminals: an input control terminal (gate), an output terminal (anode), and a terminal common to both the input and output (cathode). SCRs are used mainly with high... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Reserve Batteries - (34 companies)
    ...or a combination of the two. These batteries feature a long shelf life and high performance at low temperatures. Ambient-temperature lithium anode reserve batteries are available in three major types: lithium/vanadium pentoxide, lithium/thionyl chloride... Search by Specification | Learn More

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