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    Coaxial terminations are electrical devices that connect to the ends of coaxial cables to prevent signals from reflecting back when they reach the end of the cable. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Electronic loads and load banks are used to test electrical and electronic equipment. They mimic load requirements for testing and troubleshooting purposes. There are four basic types of electronic loads: benchtop, slot, modular and system. Benchtop... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    ...plane. Antennas mounts may also be made from glass or bracket styles. Glass antenna mounts block most ultraviolet (UV) rays, which may protect against fading of the interior trim pieces while reducing heat load. They also use less air conditioning... Learn More
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    ...resistors are bonded to the regions of maximum strain, and change resistance as a load is applied. Pancake cells are short, low-profile cylinders. They are capable of measuring very small through very large loads. Donut cells are like pancake cells... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Antenna design software is used for the design and electromagnetic analysis of all types of antenna systems, including planar and microstrip antennas, hollow waveguide and horn antennas, and helical antennas. Some applications for antenna design... Learn More
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    Load centers are used for the protection and distribution of power in a building or residence. They are also called circuit breaker boxes. Typically, load centers mount on a wall. Power from the mains enters the breaker box and is connected... Learn More
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    Network load balancers are components that distribute interactive traffic across a number of hosts using dynamically updated rules for load balancing, while providing a single system image to the client system. Network Load Balancers Information... Learn More
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Conduct Research areas susceptible to the affects of multi-path interference. Dummy Load: A device that serves as a transmitters antenna without radiating radio waves. Generally a resistive device who 's Impedance is matched to the Transmitter. Duty Cycle: A percentage of the time "on " (transmitting) versus the time...

...levels of patient equipment are lower when connected to a patient than when connected to a dummy load: the human body acts like an antenna, sending more interference to the receiving device. This issue is being addressed by a group of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers...

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Antenna (radio) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Whip antenna on car Diagram of the electric fields (blue) and magnetic fields (red) radiated by a dipole antenna (black rods) during transmission.

Radio frequency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In order to receive radio signals an antenna must be used.

Wealthy Electronics Ltd
Antenna Tuner Battery Dummy Load Carrying Case Mobile Antenna Base Antenna Antenna (Commercial)

Dummy Loads
000-46650-51RFX DUMMY LOAD, BNC MALE, 1w, 50 ohm BNC Male Dummy Load/Termination, 1 Watt (1%), 50 Ohm, N/S/T, MFR: Amphenol/RF

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T44004 - DC-4GHz, 100watt Dummy Load $99.95 As low as: $92.95 Dummy Loads Attenuators Rectifiers Diodes

FMIT Tuning Procedure
Coax Switch Position (circle) Antenna / Dummy-Load _________ FMIT-2 Coax Switch Position (circle) Antenna / Dummy-Load _________ FMIT-3 Coax Switch
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accessoires BulletHD Accessoires Antenna Bluetooth CBShop specials GN Netcom / Jabra Marine Radio Marine antenna Motorcycle Communication Accessoires

Dummy Loads - Durham Radio Sales and Service Canada

Palstar DL2K 2000W Dummy Load
Accessories Dummy Loads Palstar DL2k Dummy Load

OFF Is 77 mA B AM LNA OUT VS, FMC, FMAGC ON Is 85 95 mA B AM LNA OUT Antenna sense error VS, FMC, 1.1 Supply current Is 15 20 25 mA A detected AM LNA
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