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    Antenna Mounts - (26 companies)
    Antenna mounts are used to hold and support antennas of all sizes and shapes. The antenna collects the electromagnetic signal and sends it to the receiver. There are many types of antennas and mounts including for radio, television, global... Learn More
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    Horn Antennas - (40 companies)
    This name is derived from their characteristic flared appearance. The flared portion can be square, rectangular, or conical in shape. The maximum radiation and response corresponds with the axis of the horn. In this respect, the antenna resembles... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Antennas - (1116 companies)
    Antennas are structures or devices used to collect or radiate electromagnetic waves. How to Select Antennas. TV antenna; AM radio antenna; Parabolic dish antenna. Images credits: Wikimedia; NRAO. Antennas are mechanical components which either... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Towers, Masts, and Poles-Image
    Towers, Masts, and Poles - (334 companies)
    ...and poles. Concealed or sheathed structures are attractive, unobtrusive antenna support structures used to provide wireless coverage. Some designs resemble clock towers or flagpoles. Fold-over towers bend or articulate at a 10-foot level or other interval... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Control and Instrumentation Cables - (240 companies)
    Control and instrumentation cables are used to supply power to devices, such as analytical instruments and process controllers, used in control and instrumentation systems. They are typically designed for specific industrial protocols and are equipped with shielding to prevent electrostatic or electromagnetic interference between the enclosed wires and external fields. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Thrust Bearings - (364 companies)
    ...rely on the repulsion of like poles to support a light load, and do not require circuited components. Rotor: the load-bearing surface of the magnetic bearing, which rotates about the stator. Stator: the stationary raceway of the bearing, which... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • DC Motors - (1188 companies) a low value. This is a measure of efficiency, since lower current consumption means lower power (heat) dissipation. The torque constant and the torque produced by the rotor allow us to calculate the current through the armature, which is used... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Antenna Design Software - (9 companies)
    Antenna design software is used for the design and electromagnetic analysis of all types of antenna systems, including planar and microstrip antennas, hollow waveguide and horn antennas, and helical antennas. Some applications for antenna design... Learn More
  • AC Motors - (1354 companies)
    ...and a rotor. The stator is basically a metal ring with slots which hold coils of insulated wire containing a steel core. AC current runs through these wires to produce a rotating magnetic field. The rotor is a rod/shaft with a stack of evenly spaced... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Aircraft - (63 companies)
    ...can also be combated by the use of two opposite-spinning rotors about the same vertical axis, or two rotors positioned along a line. Gyrodynes, rotor kites, autogyros, and cyclogyros are other types of rotary wing aircraft but are commercially... Learn More
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A loop closed by driving some other structure in response to an RIG torquer input command is commonly. referred to as a RIG open loop mode. Here, the torquer is fed a current corresponding to the rate of turn required of the structure to which the RIG is mounted (such. as an antenna platform...

...microseconds, and the fluorescence-integrated intensity occurs until 900 microseconds (click to enlarge). Luminescence is a phosphorescence and fluorescence emission from a metal center such as lanthanide. Since luminescence involves an energy transfer, or intersystem crossing, from an aromatic antenna...

Copyright ©2006 Honeywell International, Inc. All rights reserved. evolved the total non-contact solution of using. to tune the system in the field. Outer protective. analog telemetry. layers on the antenna and caliper module give. outstanding protection against moisture and oil. Analog telemetry...

...and cameras. Automated hydrophone arrays. Wave power generation. Flood control systems. Floating seafood factories. Hydrofoil air cushion controls. Antenna and gun pointing systems. Food processing. Cleaning, chopping, dispensing, packaging, vacuum sealing, inspecting and labeling. Corn dog machines...

...production tools. Other appropriate. applications include scanners, robots for library data storage, laser beam reflector rotation and radar. antenna rotation equipment, among many others. Customization Options. Slotless brushless DC motors, as with most motors today, feature a modular design so they can...

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