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  • Conformal Antenna Array Design Using XFdtd
    CPU. • License to employ a single GPU bundled for free. with XF7. – Licenses for additional GPUs available. • 1 AMD 2216: 7.2 Mcells/s. • 1 Intel Xeon 5660: 16.7 Mcells/s. • 8 Intel Xeon 5660: 92.0 Mcells/s. • 8 Tesla C2070: 3832.2 Mcells/s. Define Antenna: Patch Antenna Designer. Substrate. Height
  • Microstrip Gap Waveguide on Electronic Band Gap Substrate Example
    InSite. XGtd. VariPose. Rotman Lens Designer. Consulting. Government Contracting. Pricing. Applications. EM Applications Overview. Antenna Placement Analysis. Antenna Design and Analysis. Biomedical Applications. EMI/EMC Testing. Integrated Antennas. Metamaterials/Special Materials. Microwave
  • RFID Battles the Elements
    any new-ish technology, RFID has bugs to be worked out. Most have to do with immature hardware either the tags (comprised of a microchip, antenna and substrate on which they reside) or readers with which they communicate. Dead tags are just one reason RFID communication can break down
  • Effect of Permittivity and Permeability of a Flexible Magnetic Composite Material on the Performance and Miniaturization Capability of Planar Antennas for RFID and Wearable Wireless Applications
    ultrahigh-. the substrates were fabricated, a prototype antenna was made. frequency (UHF) band (∼300–500 MHz) on both a flexible. on the magnetic composite by standard double-sided printed. magnetic composite substrate and a pure silicone substrate. circuit board processing techniques, which included
  • RFID Tag and COB Development Guide with Microchip's RFID Devices
    and cost con-. be achieved with a few turns of wire or etched (or. straints. Tags must be tuned precisely to the reader’s. printed/stamped) spiral inductor on dielectric substrate. carrier frequency for long range applications. Since the. tag’s antenna circuit consists of a combination of L and. After
  • Modeling of SOI FET for RF Switch Applications
    by. change of the box capacitance is bandwidth limited, the. the maximum voltage for reliable operation of a transistor. effective impedance looking into the substrate still appears. as well as the maximum voltage switch at the antenna. quite significant at high frequencies. The non-linearity of. port
  • Bonding Tape Systems for TPO Materials (.pdf)
    , a double-coated tape with a tissue carrier or an unsupported. transfer tape might be required. Double-coated foam tapes are employed for special. applications such as mounting an automotive antenna base to the glass backlight or rear. window. Even the paper or film release liner requires careful
  • A 5 GHz 0.95 dB NF Highly Linear Cascode Floating-Body LNA in 180 nm Floating-Body LNA in 180 nm
    switch and the. the antenna. The inductive matching elements are a combination. low-noise amplifier (LNA) on the receive side, and the power. of bondwires and on-chip inductors, and the capacitive elements. amplifier (PA) on the transmit side [2]. In a typical radio re-. are implemented as on-chip MIM

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