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  • Produced Water Monitoring (.pdf)
    to measure. the concentration of hydrocarbons in the effluent from oil water separators in use in the. oil industry today. Current methods use solvent extraction and IR analysis of water. samples. In this paper we present an alternative method, which does not use any solvents. and can provide
  • Common HydroSense Questions and General Information Guide (.pdf)
    can affect respiration of fish by adhering to the gills. -oils adhere to and destroy algae and plankton. -feeding and reproduction of water life (plant, insect, and fish) is affected. -aesthetics is affected by sheens. -micro-organisms needed for plant nutrition is redirected to oil degradation. 2
  • Control VOC's in Refinery Wastewater
    PPM. Required BTEX removal to < 0.5 PPMW. HAP contaminated wastewater from an API separator is pumped into stripping tower and descends through 20 feet of high efficiency packing - 2.5 inches diameter polyethylene open type spheres. The stripped water discharges with less than 0.5 PPMW BTEX so
  • Beating BTEX Methods of Refinery Wastewater BTEX Control and Improvements Made
    . In a typical refinery wastewater, the benzene in water levels are 20 to 200 ppm, and dependent on crude feedstock other aromatics may be present in similar amounts. API separators, dissolved air flotation units, etc. will have removed oil/grease, solids, etc. before water soluble HCs can be removed
  • Pipeline Crude Pumping Station Solves
    stations maintain product had passed through heaters/treaters or main. throughout as it travels. The flow rate and separators, which left it devoid of gases, water. volume must be monitored (metered) to or other constituents that would disturb the. optimize pump operation and throughput to specific

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