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...improvements have. EPP2000C UV-VIS spectrometer, consists of an aberration. been made to ruggedize miniature fiber optic. corrected concave grating with no mirrors and a securely. mounted detector. There are no moving parts for portable. spectrometers for industrial and portable applications...

...measurement. Averaging several dynamic measurements cancels. the effect of turbulence, leaving only the optic’s shape in the measurement data. Measuring Large Concave Mirrors. Telescope mirror manufacturers, such as the Steward Observatory Mirror Lab, have mastered techniques for. producing lightweight...

...while providing a simple, cost-effective. design. Additional mirrors and mirror mounts are not necessary in concave aberration corrected grating designs. 3) System straylight parameters. 2. The process of manufacturing holographic gratings makes the grating surface smoother than ruled gratings...

...frequencies, as is the case with positive GDD. Figure. concave spherical mirror and then focused into a thin. 3.2d shows the contribution of third order dispersion. nonlinear medium. For this application, the nonlinear. Similar to the SHG FROG, the SD FROG trace also displays a. medium...

...medical components offers continuous conical-needle grinding capabilities. The process produces mirror-finish parts with ultraprecision tips. Applications include solid conical points with straight linear tapers, and convex/concave or bullet-shaped profiles. Chamfered tubing and tapered pins can also...

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Lens (optics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other uses, see Lens. A lens. Lenses can be used to focus light. 6 Uses of lenses 7 See also 8 References

Interferometry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As seen in Fig. 2a and 2b, the observer has a direct view of mirror M1 seen through the beam splitter, and sees a reflected image M'2 of mirror M2.

Variable focal length on-and off-axis deformable concave and...
Variable focal length on-and off-axis deformable concave and convex mirror and its application for thermal lens compensation

Fiber-Optic Salinity Sensor Using Fiber-Optic Displacement...
Fiber-Optic Salinity Sensor Using Fiber-Optic Displacement Measurement With Flat and Concave Mirror

Computer Vision and Robotics Laboratory »...
A new omnidirectional stereo imaging system that uses a concave lens and a convex mirror to produce a stereo pair of images on the sensor of a

QT Streaming Server.pdf
27 Managing Your QuickTime Streaming Server 28 Using the Web-Based Application to Manage QuickTime Streaming 29 Using Server Admin to Manage

Spherical Mirrors Information on GlobalSpec
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and high-power LED light source and LED lamp which uses the light source and the application of the lamp, particularly relates to a high-power LED

GRAIL: Abstracts
Finally, since our system uses computer vision to detect events in existing videos and leverages application scripting APIs to obtain real time usage

Radial metrology application to whole-body measurement on...
Radial metrology application to whole-body measurement on hyperelastic tubular samples

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