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  • Near Infrared ( NIR ) Applications with Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometers
    improvements have. EPP2000C UV-VIS spectrometer, consists of an aberration. been made to ruggedize miniature fiber optic. corrected concave grating with no mirrors and a securely. mounted detector. There are no moving parts for portable. spectrometers for industrial and portable applications
  • Optical Metrology for Large Telescope Optics
    measurement. Averaging several dynamic measurements cancels. the effect of turbulence, leaving only the optic’s shape in the measurement data. Measuring Large Concave Mirrors. Telescope mirror manufacturers, such as the Steward Observatory Mirror Lab, have mastered techniques for. producing lightweight
  • Introduction to reflective aberration corrected holographic diffraction gratings
    while providing a simple, cost-effective. design. Additional mirrors and mirror mounts are not necessary in concave aberration corrected grating designs. 3) System straylight parameters. 2. The process of manufacturing holographic gratings makes the grating surface smoother than ruled gratings
  • Spectral Broadening and Temporal Compression of Ultrashort Pulses in a Gas Cell
    Spitfire Pro. Iris. Gas cell. aperture. Observation. Concave. port. mirror. From Spitfire Pro. Figure 2: Block diagram for the experimental setup used to produce continuum. pulses. The laser source is the Spectra Physics Spitfire laser. Two inch ultrafast. mirrors as well as one ultrafast beamsplitter
  • Comparison of diode-side-pumped
    by. changing of laser diode temperature: for temperature 15 ◦C laser diode operates at at 803 nm, wavelength 808 nm. corresponds with temperature 35 ◦C. The line-width of emitted radiation was ∼ 3 nm. 2.3. Laser Oscillator. The side-pumped trigonal crystals were for most cases tested in simple semi-concave
  • Amplitude and Phase Characterization of Ultrashort Laser Pulses
    frequencies, as is the case with positive GDD. Figure. concave spherical mirror and then focused into a thin. 3.2d shows the contribution of third order dispersion. nonlinear medium. For this application, the nonlinear. Similar to the SHG FROG, the SD FROG trace also displays a. medium
  • Medical Device Link .
    medical components offers continuous conical-needle grinding capabilities. The process produces mirror-finish parts with ultraprecision tips. Applications include solid conical points with straight linear tapers, and convex/concave or bullet-shaped profiles. Chamfered tubing and tapered pins can also

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