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  • Spray Drying Manual
    . Milk drying was the first major. commercial application of the technology. During the. 1.2 Why Spray Dry?. next 20 years, manufacturers developed designs to. In the world of industrial dryers, there are few types. accommodate heat-sensitive products, emulsions. that accept pumpable fluids
  • Scale-Up from Laboratory to Production-Scale Spray Dryer
    A pharmaceutical company uses various Spraying Systems Co. air atomizing nozzles in a laboratory-scale spray dryer for a proprietary coating application. The process in the laboratory spray dryer was optimized to achieve the desired product quality. The customer wanted to determine what nozzles
  • Dairy Grade Sonic Horns (.pdf)
    Sonic horns have been used in industrial baghouse, hopper, silo, and fan applications for more than fifteen years. Dairy Grade Sonic Horns have been used to dramatically reduce powder accumulations on the interior surfaces of spray dryer chambers and baghouses. By keeping spray dryers operating
  • Latest experiences of film coating
    , high-pressure spray application of coating or surface size directly on to the surface of paper or board without any direct machine contact. Spray coating is able to achieve an excellent coverage of the base paper. The spray-coating station can be situated flexibly on the paper machine. The process
  • Parameter's Approach to Relative Humidity Control and Calibrations
    , and accuracy /. control requirements are some of the. factors that would determine the. most suitable process for a specific. application. In its simplest form, the two-. temperature method circulates an air. stream through a precise temperature. controlled saturator (water spray or. 1. bubble column
  • Drop by Drop: The Difference Between Success and Failure, Pharmaceutical Formulation & Quality Magazine
    Pharmaceutical research and manufacturing success requires an in depth understanding of the physical characteristics of particles. A particle's moisture content has significant impact on its characteristics and is critical in spray dry applications. Very big or very small drops can adversely affect
  • New low impact paper
    for available day time hours. 2 Development History Of OptiSpray In order for new products to be created, a bit of history is essential. The first steps in the creation of the fascinating OptiSpray were taken in the painting laboratory with a couple of liters of traditional blade coating color. Spray
  • Company is Nuts About New Tubular Drag Conveyor (.pdf)
    with a safety. located outside the plant. switch that automatically shuts the. As the material is vertically con-. conveyor down if the cable becomes. As the cable continues through the. veyed, it passes through the tube’s. too tight or too loose. The turnaround. turnaround unit, another spray nozzle

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