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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
AR2311BLK Allied Electronics, Inc. APC-AMERICAN POWER CONVERSION Not Provided Enclosure; NetShelter VX 750mm Wide 42U; Black; Powder Coat Paint Finish
AR2101BLK Allied Electronics, Inc. APC-AMERICAN POWER CONVERSION Not Provided Enclosure; NetShelter VX 42U; Black; Powder Coat Paint Finish; 2000 lbs.
AR19 ASAP Semiconductor CIF Not Provided PEN, PCB MARKER; Coating Type:Etching; Coating Applications:Circ
AR19 ASAP Semiconductor CIF Not Provided PEN, PCB MARKER; Coating Applications:PCBs; SVHC:No SVHC (20-Jun
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  • Anti-Reflection Coatings
    results depending upon your application requirements. Coatings are optimized for various regions of the spectrum such as the infrared, the visible, or the ultraviolet. Edmund Optics offers a wide array of both stock and custom coatings anti-reflection (AR) coatings. As light passes through an uncoated
  • Laser Scribing Thin Silicon Nitride Films
    Silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide have been used as AR coatings in solar cells but SiO has a low refractive index whereas TiO does not contribute to surface passivation. Silicon nitride is an important exception to the general rule that carbide and silicide films are usually electrically
  • CONAP (R) CE-1170 (.pdf)
    CONAP CE-1170 is a single-component air drying room temperature curing acrylic conformal coating that meets the requirements of MIL-I-46058-C for Type AR coatings.
  • CONAP (R) CE-1171 (.pdf)
    CONAP CE-1171 is a single-component acrylic conformal coating that has been formulated in Rule 66 exempt solvents and meets the latest requirements of MIL-I-46058C for Type AR coatings.
  • Thin Film Analysis using the Shimadzu UV-2600 and 5 Degree Relative Specular Reflectance Accessory
    Whether multiple or single anti-reflection (AR) coatings are applied to a substrate, it is of critical importance that the individual coatings be analyzed for film thickness prior to making a finished product. This note demonstrates measurement of a single protective coating on an acrylic substrate
  • Conformal Coating Planar Electroluminescent Displays - AN122
    performance. Conformal coating may also be effective in environments where salt mist can cause corrosion of electrical components. Planar uses ShadowCureTM Type AR aerosol conformal coating, manufactured by Loctite, which is formulated without chlorinated solvents or CFCs. The coating
  • An Improved Wire Grid Polarizer For Thermal Infrared Applications
    for Laser Damage Threshold (LDT) testing and showed LDT values of 110 kW/cm2 and 10 kW/cm2 in the blocking and passing states respectively. Analysis of laser damage threshold test samples shows the damage propagating from defects in the anti-reflection (AR) coating. Removing these AR coating defects should
  • 100HE Suspension Plasma Spray (SPS) and Solution Precursor Plasma Spray (SPPS) application development
    the plasma can interact with the coating material. The 100HE is well equipped to meet this increased energy requirement through the use of high enthalpy gas mixtures (Ar-N2-H2 or Ar-N2-He) and operating powers up to 105 kW.

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