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Parts by Number for Area Large Photodiode Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
OPR5915 Allied Electronics, Inc. OPTEK TECHNOLOGY Not Provided S.M. LARGE AREA PHOTODIODE,

Conduct Research Top

  • Neutron Hardness of Photodiodes For Use in Passice Rubidium Frequency Standards (.pdf)
    , and although a well-designed. ried out to evaluate the neutron hardness of several different types of. RFS is relatively insensitive to even fairly large changes in the short-. planar silicon photodiodes. The diodes tested had approximately 1. circuit current, the margin of safety for al owable
  • Medical Device Link .
    patterns requiring large amounts of data, these optical tools don 't typically offer the throughput or repeatable accuracy required. Also, the labor cost rises dramatically if manual measurements are involved. A cardiovascular stent has hundreds of critical features with tight tolerances. Some
  • Medical Device Link .
    prepared from soil, dust, plants, or food, and similarly applied directly to the membrane test strip. No instrumentation is required to perform such tests, which can be used in clinics, laboratories, field locations, and the home often by inexperienced personnel. A large flask of gold conjugate. Photo
  • Medical Device Link .
    RF immunity requirements. Although terminating the shield through a capacitor can retain much of the effectiveness, the voltage rating necessary is likely to result in a minimally effective capacitor. Subject to leakage limitations, the capacitor should be as large as possible. Figure 4. Shield
  • Medical Device Link .
    as $6 billion. The cardiac care market is projected to grow at a rate of 40% annually. With the unmet needs of such a large market before them, a number of manufacturers are working to develop instrument platforms that can deliver diagnostic test results to healthcare providers at the point of care
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    Many diagnostic test kits under development consist principally of monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies, or other large protein-based materials, coupled to a nanoparticulate carrier. A typical carrier is a gold particle less than 100 nm in diameter. The nanoparticles very often can aggregate
  • Medical Device Link .
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Life and death often depend on the smallest things. Tiny lesions, for example, can become deadly cancers if not detected and treated in time. The challenge for doctors is to locate and recognize small-scale trouble spots before they become large-scale problems
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    and multiplying the result by 6.6 gives a peak-to-peak value of 2.4 µV. Another consideration is current noise. Generally, if the source impedance isn't too large (it should be >100 k O), it is possible to ignore current noise and still get a very good approximation as seen in the example above

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