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    Intercoms - (268 companies)
    ...pair (TP) or untwisted pair (UTP). T568A and T568B are common termination standards for intercoms. RJ11 and RJ45 are examples of termination plug types. The installation method indicates whether the intercom installs in a single bay or double bay... Learn More
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    Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzers - (41 companies)
    Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzers Information. Surface area and pore size analyzers are used to measure the surface area and pore size of a sample. Surface area helps determine parameters such as how solids dissolve, burn, and react with other... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Densitometers - (44 companies)
    Densitometers measure the optical, photographic or area density of a material. They are used in a wide range of applications, from film processing to medical scans. Densitometers are composed of a light source aimed at a photoelectric cell... Learn More
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    Distress Radiobeacons - (21 companies)
    ...a rescue response. Distress radiobeacons, also known as emergency beacons, PLBs (personnel beacon), ELTs (aircraft beacon), or EPIRBs (maritime beacon), are location transmitters utilized to determine the location of boats, aircraft, and people... Learn More
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    Telephone Components and Accessories - (531 companies)
    Telephone components and telephone accessories are used in telephone systems. Learn More
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    Security Guard Services - (50 companies)
    Security Guard Services Information. Security guard services provide and perform entrance and exit screening, personal and property security, emergency rescue and emergency management services, security patrols, and system monitoring. They may... Learn More
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    Fire Alarm Control Panels - (227 companies)
    FACPs have less capital expense than the addressable variety, but have longer and more costly installations. Networking. Large buildings and campuses are best protected by multiple panels that have been linked within a local area network... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Scrubbers (cleaning tools) - (175 companies)
    Scrubbers are machines used to clean large surface areas such as walkways, roads, factory floors and parking areas. Scrubbers Information. Scrubbers are machines used to clean large surface areas such as walkways, roads, factory floors, and parking... Learn More
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    LAN Chips - (47 companies)
    LAN chips provide wireless local area network (LAN) connectivity in a system-on-chip platform. A LAN chip is a device on an Ethernet network that broadcasts information and provides Ethernet functions, including PHYceivers and media access control... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Parachutes - (34 companies)
    ...surface area and significant drag upon deployment. Parachute cluster; paratrooper; ram-air parachute. Operation. Parachutes (often abbreviated to "chutes") are used to decelerate and stabilize various types of payload. The direction of travel... Learn More

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  • Accessibility for All: A Case Study of the Access Living Headquarters
    Each area of rescue assistance is equipped with an emergency intercom system.
  • Federal Register > Thursday, August 24, 2006 > [71 FR 50276] Passenger Train Emergency Systems
    ...amended by revising the definition "Emergency window" and by adding the definitions "Emergency responder," "Dual-function window," "Intercom," " Intercom system," "Intermediate level... ..."PA System," " Rescue access window," and "Seating area " to read as...
    Protection covers such key areas such as armour, mine protection, integrated hull management system, laser irradiation system, collective protection system and a crew rescue set for use during deep fording operations. system but also a driver's navigation module, integrated driver's display panel, digital intercom and NBC and...
  • Corporate information management by Fraport
    Additionally, that exists a plurality of lesser regions like, e.g., the airport clinic with rescue service, the airport fire brigade, dieFlughafenrundfahrten, the AirportConference center, the airport f├Ârsterei, Airport Academy and a travel agency. 1.2 Fraport-IT comprises The IT═▓Infrastruktur on the airport not only classical components like computer centers, networks and servers, but also technology for radio, telecommunications, video, alternating sound installations , fire and Einbruchmeldezentralen, technologies for radars, transponders and receivers for location of...
  • Human factors evaluation of remote afterloading brachytherapy. Supporting analyses of human-system interfaces, procedures and practices, training and organizat...
    ...used; anthropometry;periodic checks; quantity; marking;expendables; accessibility; training;procedures fire, radiation, and rescue equipment- periodicchecks; accessibility... ...decor;restroom and eating facilities; staff lounge lighting-illumination levels; uniformity; supplementallight; task area luminance; shadowing;glare... point-to-point intercom systems- .
  • Foothold in the Heavens
    Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin were then flown aboard one of the Sea King rescue helicopters to the... ...promptly sealed and there they would remain, with a lounge, galley and sleep/bathing area to themselves, until... ...picture window in the rear end of the trailer and speaking through an intercom , the astronauts' first...
  • AgustaWestland (Agusta) A109A
    ...customers' requirements, including VHF-20A VHF/AM com (dual in IFR version), AG-06 intercom , VIR-31A VOR/ILS... ...pilot's flight navigation instruments, standby attitude indicator, two- or three-axis autopilot, weather radar and area nav. Depending upon mission, may include internal cargo platform, external cargo sling, externally mounted rescue hoist, first aid...

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