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    based chemical agents, hydrolysis products and pesticides in all weaponized forms. ./c5bf9099-4cbf-4f00-bdf5-7ab10ab2fe86 NANO-BIOMIMETIC MATERIALS FOR THE DETECTION OF CHEMICAL AGENTS IN. GASES, AEROSOLS, AND SOLUTIONS. Amanda L. Jenkins*. ASK Incorporated. Hebron, MD 21830. Leonard C. Buettner
  • MICRO: Characterizing an electrochemical oxygen sensor for process gas monitoring applications
    wafers. The presence of even very low parts-per-billion levels of oxygen in such semiconductor process gases as nitrogen, argon, and helium can adversely affect both manufacturing yields and device quality. For example, oxygen can react with silicon during processing, forming undesirable oxides
  • Primary Vacuum Pumping in Mass Spectrometry Systems (.pdf)
    of. Pirani. from 1 to 3 mbar. The target gases typ-. Dry-pump. gauge. ically are nitrogen, argon, helium, and. under test. Exhaust. hydrogen, for example in LC–MS and. Exhaust. Rotary vane pump. ICP-MS. The target ultimate pressure. Turbomolecular. (base pressure) is <0.1 mbar. The. equivalent throughput
  • MICRO: Taking Control
    that Achilles' heel. As detailed in this article, that research involved the novel use of residual gas analyzer (RGA) measurement methods coupled with very close tool/sensor integration, key-number data compression to deal with a small tsunami of raw data resulting from effective sensor integration
  • Mercury Monitoring in a Cement Kiln
    . This design also. The probe splits the sample into. eliminates the need for an SO. two flow paths, one of which uses. 2. scrubber, commonly used with. a dry converter to convert the. atomic absorption systems, or an. oxidized mercury into elemental. expensive carrier gas (e.g. Argon). mercury
  • Sulphur analysis in aromatic and Naphtha hydrocarbon stream of petroleum products and crude oil
    . In this process argon gas is used to avoid combustion at extremely high temperature. This test method is started with samples preparation, and if needed sample is treated with acids, heated or microwave digested. Subsequently, water is excluded from the stream, whereas remaining sample is converted to gaseous
  • Ion Energy Distributions for a DC Plasma (.pdf)
    corresponds to the. Results. full electrode bias potential. Under certain conditions the dominant ion in the argon plasma was Ar+. These ions are strongly affected by symmetrical charge exchange. collisions with the background gas as they travel from the plasma to the cathode. A simple ion-neutral
  • What Plants REALLY Want!
    and determined the final total silicon content of leaf tissue using inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectrometry. With ICP, plant tissue samples are burned in very hot plasma, which is created as argon gas becomes electrically conductive after passing near a coil that generates high-energy radio

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