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  • [Appendix B] B.3 Command Summary for awk<
    is significant. Delete element of an array. Looping statement. Execute statements in Exit from script, reading no new input. The rule, if it exists, will be executed. An optional assigns the initial value of the counter variable. is a relational expression that is evaluated each time before executing
  • Smart Computing Article - Upgrade WinNT To Win2000
    support for multimedia, pictures, video, gaming, or a wide array of hardware and software; Win98 also fills this niche. The system requirements for Win2000 (Professional) is a 133MHz (megahertz) or higher CPU (central processing unit), 64MB (megabytes) of RAM (random-access memory), and 2GB (gigabytes)
  • Computer Power User Article - Read All About It
    their way to newsgroups, too. Newsreaders are programs that access Usenet newsgroups. Before the Web, most newsreaders were text-based apps that ran at the command line; armed with an array of keyboard commands, you could blast through thousands of posts in thousands of threads within hundreds of newsgroups
  • [Chapter 8] 8.5 An Acronym Processor<
    it in action. Here's a sample input file. And here is the file Now we run the program on the sample file. We'll look at this program in two parts. The first part reads records from the The two fields from these records are loaded into an array using the first field
  • Electron-Beam Steering (Feedback-Loop) for Scanning Lithography
    The customer uses a scanning-electron-beam lithography instrument. Their current digital pattern-generator is based on a commercial high-performance array processor, which uses dual RISC-processors. The system is capable of creating large-area patterns composed of multiple stitched fields
  • Efficient High-Speed Compression/Decompression for FPGAs and ASICs
    costs of storing and transmitting data, and to secure this data from potential enterprise-wide threats." CebaTech expects the GZIP family to be attractive to companies building embedded networking and storage processors for a wide array of appliances, disk controllers, and storage backup systems
  • Computer Power User Article - Tech White Paper:Intel Matrix RAID
    , or array, to keep Windows and your personal data continually backed up. The remaining space on your two-drive array could become a RAID 0 volume. After you install your apps and games on it, and set your paging file and audiovisual editing apps to use that RAID 0 space as temporary work areas, your
  • GHz BGA Socket User Manual
    , and 0.5mm pitch BGA device, select the "SG-BGA-7xxx" link. In the table, select the part number that corresponds to your IC size (length mm x width mm), array size (rows x columns) and pitch (mm). Note: More than one part number may match your criteria. A frame on the top of the page will show

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