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  • Introduction to Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors
    Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors measure dynamic pressures. They are generally not suited for static pressure measurements. Dynamic pressure measurements including turbulence, blast, ballistics and engine combustion under varying conditions may require sensors with special capabilities. Fast response
  • Wall Shear Stress Measurements in Two-Phase Flow using PIV, an Optical Sensor, and Wall Pressure Transducer (.pdf)
    diaphragm with a small area responds to very high pressures. The transducer has a. range of pressure difference of 0 to 35 ± 0.09 Pascal. To obtain the wall shear stress from the pressure drop. measurements for fully two dimensional single-phase channel flows, the following equation can be utilized: P
  • Pressure Gauges and Plant Safety
    gauge. Plant history. The pressure gauge’s plant history in similar scenarios is a good measurement when selecting a particular pressure gauge. Consider lifetime cost, ease of maintenance, and interchangeability. If you’re concerned about the reliability of gauges in your facility, WIKA’s Full Audit
  • Surface Measurement & Manufacturing
    applications as well. For example, high-pressure injectors—critical for high-performance diesel engines—demand an exceptional sealing surface, with a manufacturing process requiring optical measurement. Following the space shuttle Challenger disaster, optical sensors were used to analyze the roughness
  • Capturing and Simulating Rotational and Jitter Angle-based Measurements
    Capturing and simulating the high-speed rotations involved in automated machines and test rigs often plays a major role in industrial automotive applications. Common requirements are accurate speed measurement over a large range of operation, detection of speed changes, capturing jitter, jitter
  • Development of a Dust Particle Analyzer for In-situ and Simultaneous Measurements of Size and Charge Distributions of Martian Dust (.pdf)
    . A. Challenges in remote in-situ measurements. I. INTRODCUTION. For any particle analyzer to function on Mars, many. environmental criteria have to be considered. The atmospheric. Martian dust characterization is important for minimizing. pressure on Mars is about one-two hundredth of earth’s
  • Pressure Monitoring of Reactor Bundles in a Refinery
    and Gas -> Pressure Monitoring of Reactor Bundles in a Refinery. Pressure Monitoring of Reactor Bundles in a Refinery. Date Published: June 12, 2012. Application: Oil and Gas. Manufacturer: dataTaker. Measurements: Pressure. Download the PDF version. Intelligent Data Logging Systems from dataTaker
  • Integration of Gantry and Phased Array Ultrasonic System Reduces Armor-Grade Ceramic Materials Inspection Time by 90%
    with a linear motion system. This method is effective in inspecting single or a few parts but can easily be overwhelmed by large batches of parts. Phased arrays increase inspection speed. The speed of ultrasonic inspection can be increased through the use of phased array technology that combines a number

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