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  • Testing Digital ASIC Devices
    The customer wants to test the design of their ASIC devices. To test their IC, they need to stimulate the IC with a particular bit-pattern many times. They call each pattern period a "view". During each view, they need to collect data from the IC. The IC is not purely
  • High Performance ASIC Design: Using Synthesizable Domino Logic in an ASIC Flow
    High Performance ASIC Design: Using Synthesizable Domino Logic in an ASIC Flow. Presenting a methodology for using domino logic in an ASIC design flow, this text covers practical issues related to the use of domino logic in an automated framework, and brings together the knowledge needed to apply
  • Digital I/O ASIC Testing
    The stimulus definition exists as an ASCII file with rows and columns of 1s and 0s. Each column corresponds to a different input pin of the ASIC and each rows corresponds to a different time tic (everynanoseconds). The controlling baud clock runs at 10MHz. The requirement is to record the
  • VLIW Microprocessor Hardware Design: For ASIC and FPGA
    VLIW Microprocessor Hardware Design: For ASIC and FPGA. Providing state-of-the-art coverage of microarchitectures, RTL coding, ASIC flow, and FPGA flow of design, this cutting-edge guide contains many skill-building examples to help you understand each step in the VLIW microprocessor design process.
  • ZMD ASIC Compensated Compared to All Sensors Corp
    Purpose: To compare competitor pressure sensors amplified and compensated using the ZMD ASIC to All Sensors pressure sensors using another approach for amplification and compensation.
  • Is a Mixed-Signal ASIC the Right Choice (.pdf)
    If you have never been involved with developing an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), you may not be aware of all the advantages a custom ASIC can bring. Similarly, you may not fully understand what it takes to complete the development. This paper will detail the advantages
  • A New Sensor ASIC for Changing Magnetic Fields
    Compasses are now being incorporated into a variety of products-zipper pulls, watches, and the digital navigation systems of luxury vehicles. The latter application in particular presents unusual design challenges. Because the compass must operate accurately in the presence of dynamic magnetic
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    EDA startup claims power management breakthrough Claiming to reduce ASIC power consumption by as much as 25 percent, EDA startup Golden Gate Technology is launching GoPower, said to be the first toolset to provide a complete solution for low-power layout. Magma acquisition targets structured ASIC