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  • Asphalt Testing Equipment-Image
    Asphalt Testing Equipment - (34 companies)
    Asphalt test equipment includes specialized testers, instruments and devices for evaluating the properties of asphalt or other types of pavement materials. Asphalt testing equipment includes specialized testers, instruments, and devices... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Asphalt Road Surfacing Materials - (29 companies)
    Asphalt road surfacing materials include asphalt concrete and chipseal, an asphalt layered surface coated with bituman. A road surface, or pavement, is laid on the ground and is used to provide a durable path for vehicles or foot traffic. Asphalt... Learn More
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    Soil and Asphalt Compactors - (36 companies)
    Soil and Asphalt Compactors are machines that are used to compact soil, asphalt, crushed aggregates or landfill trash. These machines range in size from small walk behind or pull utility rollers, rammers or plate compactors to large driven road... Learn More
  • Vibratory Finishers and Mass Finishing Machines-Image
    Vibratory Finishers and Mass Finishing Machines - (140 companies)
    ...machines include tumblers and rotary barrels, centrifugal drums, centrifugal discs, drag or spindle finishers, and vibratory finishers. A mass finishing machine or mass finisher can be used for finishing, cleaning, coloring, brightening, deburring... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Cold Planers - (16 companies)
    Cold Planers are pavement recycling machines. These machines are asphalt milling machines that are used to remove pavement or asphalt concrete from roadways. Cold Planers. Image Credit: Cat | For Construction Pros. Cold Planers are pavement... Learn More
  • Roofing Materials - (665 companies)
    Roofing materials come in many forms. For example, sheet metal, asphalt and tiles are common materials depending on the climate there are best suited for. Roofing Materials Information. Roofing materials are used in the construction of roofs... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Texture Analyzers - (36 companies)
    Texture Analyzers Information. Texture analyzers evaluate the cohesiveness, spreadibility, fracturability, tackiness, gumminess, firmness, pliability, consistency and other texture characteristics of foods, rubber, foams, coatings, grease, asphalt... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Paving Machines - (139 companies)
    Paving Machines Information. Paving machines are used to pave roadways, walkways, or parking areas. This product area includes all types of construction equipment for preparing, refurbishing, or laying asphalt. Types of Paving Equipment... Learn More
  • Road Construction and Paving Services - (511 companies)
    Road Construction and Paving Services Information. Road construction and paving services specialize in the building of roads, highways, interchanges, and associated utilities. Capabilities include sealcoating, asphalt paving, concrete paving, new... Learn More
  • Floor Coatings - (366 companies)
    ...and sealants. A sealer is used to protect a surface from oxidation and wear. A sealant is a semi-solid substance that hardens to prevent the ingress of moisture and dirt. Some sealers contain putty, asphalt and wax. Others include varnish, shellac... Search by Specification | Learn More
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High-Tech, Space-Age Metal Surface Enhancement Coating Solves Wear and Release Problems for Pine Instrument Company's Gyratory Compaction Asphalt Testers. The development of computer-controlled asphalt testing equipment to simulate and then quantify and predict the punishment which various asphalt...

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road construction asphalt surface course - BOMAG
30 m behind the finishers. Asphalt temperature: not more than ca. Road construction asphalt surface course
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Asphalt Heating Tanks
Ltd. Changodar Asphalt Drum Mix Plant, Asphalt Hot Mix Plant, Concrete Batching Plant For Road Construction, Asphalt Paver Finishers.

Construction Manual for Airport Pavements, May 1999
F. Asphalt Plants...........................................................................................................14 G. Placing.

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Asphalt Pavers, Tracked Asphalt Pavers, Wheeled Batching and Mixing Plants, Asphalt Batching and Mixing Plants, Concrete

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