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  • Radar Systems and Products-Image
    Radar Systems and Products - (175 companies)
    Radar systems and radar products have synchronized transmitters and receivers that send radio waves and detect their reflections from objects, surfaces or sub-surface structures. Radar systems and radar products have synchronized transmitters...
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    Radar Absorbing Materials - (7 companies)
    Radar absorbing materials and structures are designed to absorb radar waves and convert them to heat. Because these radar waves are not returned, radar absorbing materials (RAM) and radar absorbing structures (RAS) provide a reduced signature...
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    Weather Radar Systems - (5 companies)
    Weather radar systems, also called weather surveillance radar and Doppler weather radar, is a type of radar used to locate precipitation, determine precipitation type, and calculate its motion. Weather radar systems locate precipitation, determine...
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    Altimeters - (18 companies)
    Altimeters are instruments that determine altitude above ground or sea level by interpreting measurements of atmospheric pressure, radar, or GPS signals. Altimeters measure altitude above a reference point, which makes it an essential navigational...
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  • Underground Locating Equipment-Image
    Underground Locating Equipment - (47 companies)
    Underground locating equipment locates buried utility lines and infrastructure. This includes marker systems, fault detectors, ground penetrating radar, metal detectors, RF equipment, acoustic detectors, and beacon (sonde) devices. Underground...
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    RF Generators - (88 companies)
    RF generators and high frequency power supplies provide the power required for plasma generation, induction heating, and radar or communications applications. RF Generators Information. RF generators provide power for thin film processing equipment...
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    Radomes - (26 companies)
    ...and associated electronics from the surrounding environment and elements such as rain, snow, UV light, and strong wind. The name "radome" is derived from the words radar and dome. The protective shell enhances the pointing accuracy of antenna systems...
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    RF Rotary Joints - (23 companies)
    Radio frequency (RF) rotary joints are electro-mechanical devices that provide crucial interfaces between stationary and rotating sections of radar and other rotating systems. This interface allows signals to be transmitted back and forth between...
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    Collision Avoidance Sensors - (27 companies)
    ...sensors except the GPS based devices operate on basic radar or sonar principles. This is also known as echo ranging. A high frequency light, radio frequency, or audio frequency directional pulse is sent out by the ranger in the collision avoidance...
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    Flight Displays - (38 companies)
    Flight displays are specialized user interfaces that present aircraft flight data - airspeed, altitude, heading, etc. - to a pilot. They may also provide pertinent information such as weather radar, navigation route, and collision avoidance data...
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  • Fundamentals of Ground Radar for Air Traffic Control Engineers and Technicians
    Texas Instruments, the manufacturer of the ASR-4 through ASR - 8 , named the front end the common receiver, since it was common to the three i-f amplifiers. … and i-f amplifier, so there are three receiver systems in the generic radar of Figure 6 …
  • Telephonics displays new ADS-B passive detector
    One of the reasons the FAA selected our system is the option to replace some legacy RF components at the front end of the ASR - 8 with digital output." Intersoft's digitising software is already used by several radar manufacturers , while Sunhillo is responsible for the interface used by the FAA for the Standard Automation Replacement System (STARS) programme currently being rolled out across US terminal control facilities nationwide.
  • ATM system investment
    CTD converts radar signals from legacy ASR - 8 to latest digital data standards to operate with the FAA Standard Terminal Automation Replacement Systems (STARS), which are currently being rolled out across the US. … officials from the airlines, airports, general aviation, pilots, labor unions and safety specialists, manufacturers , international aviation, environmentalists …
  • Car IT compactly
    Johanning DOI 10.1007/978-3-658-09968-8_4 61, R. of Mildner, Car IT compactly - Antisch lupf control ASR navigation stereovision and radar systems Such a system already has different manufacturers in the offer, so, for example, the RaCam system of …
  • Making sense of wind turbine clutter
    Intersoft is now installing ISP894 in an ASR - 8 ATC radar for a European customer and the company reports successful early test results when compared with the original returns from the PSR. Danish manufacturer Terma reports successful trials using its SCANTER 4002 X-band primary surveillance radar that offers …
  • Automotive ergonomics
    … meantime the so-called, fatigue warner to be obtained, that of some vehicle manufacturers to be offered … The first systems (ABS, ASR and ESP) related to the stabilization of the vehicle. … developments of inexpensive components (for example, systems based on laser technology than on radar technique rather), these … 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 …
  • Frick / Knöll building construction lesson 2
    ASR 11/1-5 … pulse generators • contact mats like for example (admitted into the floor), • radar motion detector (mounted … The wing packets run kugelgelagert in an upper rail and need in the rule 8 Details are to remove from respective manufacturer documents.
  • Batteries, board networks and networking
    The driving apparatus software-model defined by AUTOSAR (image 8 ) supports a Horizontalisierung of the software while … … of the application software allow the reuse of base software modules for different vehicle platforms and manufacturer . ASR : traction control system AT: Action Time AUTOSAR: Automotive Open of system Architecture … Interconnect Network LLI: Logical Line interface LRF: Load Response travel LRR: Long rank radar LRS: Load Response …
  • Automotive electronics
    … server 422-principle 422 ASAM-MCD 421 ASIL see Automotive Safety Integrity level ASR traction control system … … topology 233 break-Field 21 refractive law 132 Brechungsindize 329 wide video tape radar 333 wide gripping … … system 1 f., interface, 422 bus-topology 7 bus access -, deterministic 9, method 8 , 25, more random … … vehicle-bedienkonsole 371-acceleration 305-eigendiagnose 445-leader 323-function 211-speed 308- manufacturer 445-innenleuchte 399 …