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  • Assay system components (IVDT archive, Oct 01)
    to traditional containers and surfaces, an increasing number of assay systems employ proprietary or custom components designed for use on specific. Assay system components (IVDT archive, Oct 01). Find: In: Entire site =============== All suppliers North America Europe IVD Packaging Electronics Consultants
  • Assay of Pharmaceutical Products
    Assay of products such as pharmaceutical suspensions and tablet coatings is a critical part of the Quality Assurance process. In some cases every batch of each product has to be tested, requiring 100% repeatability of results. Preparation of samples may involve disintegration of solids
  • Medical Device Link . Development of monoclonal antibodies and a rapid assay for tuberculosis
    the microwell plates, it paid off by ensuring that desirable clones would not be lost because of the presence of undesirable cross-reacting clones in the same well. ELISA Assay Format. In a level III biohazard laboratory, mycobacteria were grown to late log phase in a defined nonprotein-containing medium
  • Medical Device Link .
    Laboratory tests for drug metabolism compete (Madison, WI) has introduced a pharmacogenetic assay that detects mutations on the 2D6 gene, and may be poised to compete for the same market segment as Roche�s (Basel, Switzerland) CYP450 Amplichip. Third Wave�s Invader CYP450 2D6 panel
  • Medical Device Link .
    and labor requirements. While most of the semiautomated instruments have automated the amplification and detection steps of the assay, the sample-processing step has not been automated, and this is typically the most troublesome step. In addition, first-generation NAAT sample-processing procedures
  • Medical Device Link .
    where the assay will be used (i.e., physician 's office, clinical laboratory, critical-care unit, or home). These factors determine the type of instruction and training materials that must be included with the assay. They also define the level of complexity assigned to the assay under the Clinical
  • Medical Device Link .
    in instrumentation and assay technology, as well as how current industry trends affect product discovery, development, and execution. He also talks about the advantages of developing immunoassays in-house, how simpler instrumentation can help laboratories meet customer expectations, and the role of molecular
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Advances in sample handling have also been important to assay improve ment. Reference labs such as Laboratory Corporation of America (Burlington, NC), the laboratories at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN), and Quest Diagnostics (Lyndhurst, NJ) have taken throughput to the next level. Each can