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  • ASTM / UNS
    ) is a specification established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and metal trade associations such as the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) and the Aluminum Association (AA). The UNS assigns metals and alloys a lettered prefix
  • Performance Characteristics of a Newly Developed Cost-Effective Cr-Ni Prealloyed Steel Designed to replace Fe-Ni Steels
    and oxygen contents were determined for Materials A and B after sintering using Leco infrared. combustion analyzers according to ASTM E 1019-02. Dimensional change was tested using TRS bars. after each type of sintering and heat treatment according to MPIF standard 44. Apparent hardness,. transverse
  • An Introduction to ASTM B898, The Reactive and Refractory Metal Clad Specification (.pdf)
    specification was a blend of the. requirements of IEMA Guide note 100 and the four existing ASTM specifications for clad plates. (A263 and A264 for stainless steel clad, A265 for nickel alloy clad, and B432 for copper alloy clad. Reference 1,2,3,4). The B10 Clad Metal Task force was comprised of members
  • Structural Steel Designer's HandBook: AISC, AASHTO, AISI, ASTM, AREMA, and ASCE-07 Design Standards, Fourth Edition
    Structural Steel Designer's HandBook: AISC, AASHTO, AISI, ASTM, AREMA, and ASCE-07 Design Standards, Fourth Edition. With handy tables, charts, formulas, and illustrations, this book discusses the latest developments in materials, methods, codes, and standards in building and bridge design
  • A Probabilistic Approach to Modeling Microstructural Variability and Fatigue Behavior in ASTM F562 Medical Grade Wire (.pdf)
    and. fatigue behavior in ASTM F562 medical grade wire. J. Schaffer*1, 2. 1Fort Wayne Metals Research Products Corporation, USA; 2Purdue University, USA. REFERENCE: Presented May 19th, 2006 at the 9th International Fatigue Congress, Atlanta, USA. Abstract. Several previous
  • Shaping Steel at 45 MPH
    -- usually according to ASTM's table of standard thicknesses. The machines must regulate the thickness of a 10-ft-wide sheet of steel that can be 45,000-ft long. The raw-coiled steel runs between two rollers that exert a force from 100 k to 4 M-lb to regulate the final thickness of the sheet. Controlling
  • Hardness Comparison Table of Hardened Steel based on the Rockwell C scale
    . 152. —. 081.7. —. 24. 053. {0520}. (0). REMARK: The boldfaced figures are based on ASTM E 140 Table 3 (SAE-ASM-ASTM). NOTE 1: Approximate values were determined from "Conversion Tables " of JIS Z 8413 and Z 8438. The units and values in parentheses{ } are based on International System of Units (SI
  • What's New in ANSI/ASSE A10.13 - 2011: Safety Requirements for Steel Erection?
    Requirements. over or barricaded until they are used. Personal protective equipment must be in. Employees working within 6 ft of an. MATERIAL HANDLING AND YARDING. accordance with ASTM F2413, Standard. unguarded floor opening need to wear safety. Specification for Performance Requirements. harnesses
  • Application of Pre-Krete to the interior surface of steel pipes.
    dry weight. The dry. density shall be at least 135 pounds per cubic foot. 2. The compressive strength of the mortar lining (when tested in accordance with. ASTM Method C109-78) shall be at least 5,000 psi after 3 days. The tensile. strength (when tested in accordance with ASTM Method C190-77) shall
  • Destructive Quality Testing of Welded Steel Tube (.pdf)
    are in the press. Typically, when specified by an organization such as ASTM or API, the pipe sample. must be crushed to a specified height (expressed as a dimension or % of diameter). without fracture in the weld. Brittle welds due to improper normalizing or welding. will usually fail before

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