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Versatile Digital Speedometer Uses Few Components Measurement...
Versatile Digital Speedometer Uses Few Components A speedometer measures a wheel's rotational speed.

Coilgun projectile speedometer Hand-made vacuum tubes (.fr, goog transl) Blog » speedometer
Howard Matthews wanted a new speedometer for his Landrover so he build one replacement speedo.

Speedometer stepper motors | Comp.Arch.Embedded |...
Discussion Groups | Comp.Arch.Embedded | Speedometer stepper motors

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By Christy Hudgins-Bonafield Forget the Corinthian leather and speedometer.

atmel variable frequency speed control 3 phase in datasheet...
atmel variable frequency speed control 3 phase in Datasheet, Circuit, PDF, & Application Note Results 1 - 50 of about 10000+ for atmel variable..

POV speedometer for bicycle -
POV speedometer for bicycle Unfortunately there is no translation of this text in english language. 5. LED display with Atmel microcontroller

PIC powered AVR programmer
If you have already honed your programming chops with PIC, you can build your own programmer and give the Atmel family a try.

LCD Bike Cable Speedometer Cycle Computer Odometer 8558 2012 Cycling Bicycle Bike 24 functions Computer Odometer Speedometer Waterproof

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