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    Time and Attendance Systems - (48 companies)
    ...into the reader. This forces each employee to enter only his or her own information. Time and attendance systems include badge/swipe time clocks and wedge readers. Proximity badge systems are electronic time clocks that require employees to swipe... Learn More
  • Magnetic Stripe Readers and Magnetic Stripe Encoders-Image
    Magnetic Stripe Readers and Magnetic Stripe Encoders - (119 companies)
    ...readers and magnetic stripe encoders include magnetic stripe encoders, magnetic strip readers, magnetic stripe reader writers, and point of sale (POS) systems. Magnetic stripe encoders transform or encode data into a format that can be read... Learn More
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    Access Control Systems - (1084 companies)
    Access Control Systems Information. Access control systems are used to identify people before granting access to secure facilities. These include card and pod readers as well as biometric equipment to identify fingerprints, thumb prints, palm prints... Learn More
  • TLD and Film Badges-Image
    TLD and Film Badges - (15 companies)
    TLD (Thermoluminescent dosimetry) badges and film badges are used to detect radiation at levels that can be harmful to humans. TLD and Film Badges Information. TLD badges and film badges are used to detect radiation at levels that can be harmful... Learn More
  • Microplate Readers-Image
    Microplate Readers - (98 companies)
    ...value as quantified by error. Accuracy is related to determinate errors and quantified by bias. Response time is the amount of time required from introduction of the sample into the reader until the analysis is complete. Some microplate readers offer... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • RFID Readers - (129 companies) designate various assets with an electronic identity which can be encoded and read by RFID readers. The RFID reader propagates a particular radio frequency and once a compatible RFID tag enters the reader's detection range, the tag transmits... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • ID Card Readers and Encoders - (156 companies)
    ...readers and ID card encoders. Examples include business card readers, smart card readers, proximity readers, and smart card encoders. A business card reader includes a pocket-sized universal serial bus (USB) scanner. Specialized software reads... Learn More
  • PCMCIA Card Readers and Writers - (22 companies)
    PCMCIA Card Readers and Writers Information. PCMCIA card readers and PCMCIA card writers allow a user to transfer data from or to a host computer to or from a PCMCIA card. These products derive their names from the Personal Computer Memory Card... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Barcode Scanners - (595 companies)
    ...light and light sensor. In this case, the user would need to slide the reader directly over the code. More advanced readers use a laser beam that is automatically scanned over the code with a rotating mirror to illuminate one part of the code at a time... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Blank ID Cards - (77 companies) a landscape or portrait configuration and is prepunched to take a string or clip for employees to wear as an ID badge. ID badges may be simple photo identification, or may also be fitted with a magnetic stripe to allow access to buildings or other... Learn More
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  • Technical Support Section annual work plan for FY 1998
    The I&C Division saved $1 600 during the division ethics training conducted in June by using badge readers in lieu of TMS to collect attendance information.
  • Operator/Owner Materials - WEBs-AX Enterprise Security 2.2
    Time Attend This option list allows you to set up the reader to provide a clock in or a clock out message at the time of a badge swipe.
  • 74-4086-02 - WEBs-AX Security
    Time Attend This option list allows you to set up the reader to provide a clock in or a clock out message at the time of a badge swipe.
  • Operator/Owner Materials - Security Controller
    Time & Attendance This option list allows you to set up the reader to provide a clock in or a clock out message at the time of a badge swipe.
  • Understanding RFID Technology within a Business Intelligence Framework
    For example, Scholar Chip, a New York-based provider of RFID attendance and payment solutions, has issued... Students hold their RFID-enabled ID badges to read- ers as they enter the school building, and again as they enter classrooms, where readers are mounted on teach- ers’ desks.
  • Selecting a labor information system. What to ask, what to avoid.
    Does the system have the capability of securing time and attendance records and documenting the audit trail? Does the system include an accurate and reliable badge reader ?
  • Management response plan for the Chemical Safety Vulnerability Working Group report. Volume 2
    Physical and administrative barriers are in place, e,g., the rotogate and badge reader to prevent "causal" entrance to the facility. Workers are required to attend HAZWOPER training prior to working in the building.
  • The deployment of the auto-ID system in a conference
    After the participants received their badge, their attendance status in session management system turn green as shown... At each session room, participants are required to present their badge to the 2D-barcode reader .
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2009 22 percent annually after including IR Recognition Systems’ “HandPunch�? biometric terminals to record time and attendance . This hand geometry technology eliminates expenses associated with employee badges and fraud caused by buddy punching (Sclage... ...Orleans has also experienced such significant savings in payroll costs by using hand- readers similar to that...
  • Barcode basics
    Labor reporting: Even the simplest automated time and attendance system requires input information. This can be accomplished using barcoded employee badges and a simple barcode reader .
  • S & J Truck Sales Wins "Big Rig Build-Off" At Mid-America Trucking Show Wearing PPG Finishes
    ...47 states and 11 foreign countries participated, and over 75,000 trucking professionals attended to peruse more... Attendees at the show determined the Big Rig Build-Off winner, voting electronically by swiping their name badges through a card reader . " .
  • Leaving a Print on Safety
    ...replacing lost or stolen building keys or access cards, and correcting time and attendance issues—all of which... Bioscrypt’s largest deployments of V-Smart readers include sensitive entry points at American Express worldwide headquarters in... ...police depart- ment, thousands of officers and government workers have been issued new badges containing digital copies...
  • Federal Register > Wednesday, November 20, 2002 > [67 FR 70088] Statement of Organization, Functions, and Delegations of Authority and leave; (3) administers the leave donor program and processes time and attendance amendments; (4) provides... ...CDC's research laboratories, administration and support facilities, and the physical plant; (2) is responsible for all security and protection programs including education, training, technical assistance, physical security, identification badges , personnel security to include... ...door locks and card readers , parking and traffic control...