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Parts by Number for Attenuator Resistor Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ATTENUATOR 10DB +/-0 ASAP Semiconductor KOA Not Provided RESISTOR WP91190L1A
4391-75 Allied Electronics, Inc. POMONA FLUKE ELECTRONICS Not Provided Attenuator, Resistor; BNC; 75 Ohms; Brass; Beryllium Copper; 2 W @ 25 deg C (Max
EXB-24AT3AR3X Newark / element14 PANASONIC Not Provided PANASONIC - EXB-24AT3AR3X - CHIP ATTENUATOR; 3 RESISTORS; ATTENU 3DB; +/-0.3DB; 0404
EXB-24AT6AR5X Newark / element14 PANASONIC Not Provided PANASONIC - EXB-24AT6AR5X - CHIP ATTENUATOR; 3 RESISTORS; ATTENU 6DB; +/-0.5DB; 0404
EXB-24ATAAR5X Newark / element14 PANASONIC Not Provided PANASONIC - EXB-24ATAAR5X - CHIP ATTENUATOR; 3 RESISTORS; 10DB; +/-0.5DB; 0404
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Conduct Research Top

  • A152 Broadband Attenuator Relay
    electromechanical relays have been used to switch RF signals for many years. One common RF switching application is to attenuate signals by using a relay to switch the signal to an external attenuator circuit. The external attenuator circuit is generally a resistor network, where the resistor network may
  • Advanced Medical Applications, Treatment Solutions, and Biotechnology (.pdf)
    , Treatment Solutions,. and Biotechnology. Example 2. End Product: Tomography Control of Magnetic Field Activity. Customer Schematic/Specifications: - Ultra precision attenuator with very high ohmic value. R2 = x R1 (x = 999). ratio: 1:1000. - R1 < 25 . R2: 999 x R1. - Ratio definition: R1 to (R1 + R2
    substrate at 930° C via a chemical vapor deposition process and terminated with gold. metalization. Depending on the product type, the substrate could be Alumina, BeO or ALN. The vast fixed attenuator family. covers a frequency range of DC to 40 GHz, and the power handling ranges from as low as 2
  • M524: Suggested Circuit Controller for a Dual-Control FET VVA in AGC Temp Comp
    noted. The control circuit is not overly complex, consisting of four op-amps and several resistors. Control of the attenuator is based on a linear approximation of the control function about its most linear region. Exceptional bandwidth and flatness can be easily achieved up to about 12 GHz
  • AN-00150 - Use and Design of T-Attenuation Pads
    resistors. attenuator formed from three resistors
  • Heat Sinking Relative to Alumina Chips and Aluminum Nitride Chips
    when BeO is unacceptable for use, an ever more frequent occurrence. IMS 2198 Attenuator DS Heat Sinking Relative to Alumina (Al O ). 2. 3. Chips and Aluminum Nitride (ALN) Chips. TN-004. 2297. Frequently, one needs more power in a chip of a given size. The question regarding. IMS chip resistors
  • PIN Diode Basics
    the full range of applications. 500. Undepleted. A. A. Low TL Thick Attenuator Diode. B. Thick High TL Switching Diode. 100. C. Low TL Thin Attenuator Diode. B. D. High T. Figure 2. Equivalent Circuit of I Region Before Punch-Through. L Thin Switching Diode. E. Beam Lead 0.2 µF. C. E. ). Consider
  • Understanding Your Signal Generator Output Specification (.pdf)
    a by-pass route. The objective has to be that when a low. play. When the switch is closed the external load sees the circuits. RF output is demanded the floor noise of the RF output is. behind it (ALC, attenuator, power amplifier). When the switch. identical to that of a 50 Ω resistor (-174 dBm/Hz) so

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