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  • Audio Amplifiers and Preamplifiers-Image
    Audio Amplifiers and Preamplifiers - (390 companies)
    ...pre-amplification, the signal is sent to a power amplifier or amp, which provides the higher current necessary to drive the speakers. How to Select Audio Amplifiers and Audio Preamplifiers. Audio amplifiers and audio preamplifiers are used to increase... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Audio Amplifier Chips - (66 companies)
    Audio amplifiers are used in circuits and systems to process audio signals. Description. Audio amplifier chips are used in circuits used to process audio signals. Operation Classes. Class A devices feature a design in which the output stage passes... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Audio Transformers - (125 companies)
    Audio transformers improve sound quality by removing interference from audio signals. This interference, or ground noise, is caused by voltages from other devices and produces a humming or buzzing sound. Typically, audio transformers are encased... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Amplifier and Comparator Chips - (323 companies)
    Types. Amplifier and comparator chips are board-level components for amplifying voltage, current, or power. There are several basic types of amplifier and comparator chips. Differential amplifier chips are designed to amplify a small difference... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Audio Mixers and Consoles - (209 companies)
    Audio mixers and audio consoles are units that combine signals from microphones and/or line level sources to produce a combined signal or signals. Audio mixers and audio consoles combine signals from microphones and/or line level sources to produce... Learn More
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    Audio Connectors - (343 companies)
    Image Credit: API Technologies | | Newark/element 14. Audio connectors are used to affix cables to other audio equipment, providing electronic signal transference and grounding protection. Applications for audio connectors can be general... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Power Amplifiers - (147 companies)
    ...amplifiers, high power amplifiers, audio power amplifiers, power acoustic amplifiers, microwave amplifiers, and MOSFET power amplifiers. An RF power amplifier is used amplify radio frequency (RF) transmissions. A high power amplifier is used to amplify high... Learn More
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    Video Amplifier Chips - (37 companies)
    ...of harmonic components to the power of the fundamental. Bandwidth, another important consideration, refers to the ability of an audio amplifier chip to provide a maximum output voltage swing with increasing frequency. Integrated Circuit (IC) Package... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Audio Analyzers - (42 companies)
    Audio analyzers measure the noise and audio spectrum of output from an amplifier or a stereo. There are three basic product types: analog, digital, and converter-based. Analog audio analyzers use analog hardware to generate signals and analog... Learn More
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    Power Operational Amplifiers - (77 companies)
    ...switch on and off at least two times per cycle. Class E units are designed for rectangular input pulses rather than sinusoidal audio waveforms. Class F power operational amplifiers include both RF and microwave devices. Class G designs change the power... Search by Specification | Learn More

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Class D systems are quickly narrowing audio performance gap with simpler, more efficient designs offering fidelity that can surpass that of analog amplifiers. But with higher fidelity comes increased complexity. This in-depth Silicon Labs white paper explores how to improve the performance...

Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook, Fourth Edition. Packed with unique insights into audio design and performance, as well as complete amplifier designs and schematics, this book takes you through the causes of distortion, measurement techniques, and design solutions to minimize distortion...

The following are three typical audio. measurements on a stereo amplifier that will. be discussed. · channel to channel cross talk. · harmonic distortion. · signal to noise ratio. Other measurements that can... the load is not considered (we can't hear DC) and even avoided in the amplifier design since DC to a speaker can damage the speaker voice coil. With home audio amplifiers there is also no discussion, or rating, of the power dissipation capability of the amplifier or often even a rating...

The "Servo Amplifier" on-line tutorial reviews the operation of servo amplifiers used to drive DC and brushless motors. The complete tutorial with audio can be viewed at The tutorial begins with a discussion of the power regulating methods, leading...

This soultion implements a set of 2.4G wireless dual microphones with USB receiver system. It could be used in the professional audio amplifier system or the KaraOK sytem, etc. With TI's ultra-lowpower MCU controler controlling the power supply of the microphone, the battery life is longer...

Inductor-capacitor low pass filters are utilized in systems such as audio amplifiers, speaker crossover circuits and switching power supply designs. Audio systems use low pass filters to bypass power supply noise and to control surge currents. Speaker crossover systems, because of their high power...

Class D audio amplifiers give analog sound a digital touch. Makers of portable electronic devices are in a continuous struggle to add innovative features while getting a long operating life from an internal power source. Nowhere is this demonstrated more effectively than in the cellular phone...

...retrieval more convenient, but the job of integrating them into one console can be daunting. For example, the control hardware for items such as audio amplifiers, AM/FM tuners, CD-ROMs, pagers, and global-positioning systems must be transparent to users and occupy as little space as possible behind...

...and rectification in the amplifier, the low bandwidth of the amplifier is not sufficient to mitigate the problem. According to theory, the input amplifier has a low-frequency cutoff (typically in the audio-frequency range). In practice, however, the textbook model works only for a couple decades...

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